Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm Grateful For My Wonderful Companion And Roommates But Mostly I'm Grateful For The Gospel And For My Wonderful Family

Hello my favorite family!  

I'm glad to hear you had  a wonderful thanksgiving!  glad to see nothing has changed TOO much and thanksgiving is still spending time with lots of family, skeet shooting, and soccer :).  that's fun ali you got to be goalie again! and those are some great pictures, looks like you had a great time. speaking of pictures.... i forgot my camera at the apartment.  hahaha sorry :)

this week we went to an ISLAND called San Antonio.  it is SO BEAUTIFUL there, white sand and the bluest water i've ever seen!  so beautiful. missionaries have been going there once a month for maybe about a year now and we're trying to introduce the gospel there :).  is a 30 minute boat ride away, so it would be kinda difficult for them to come to church, but the hope is to get a special sacrament started and a meeting house over there, and one day have missionaries assigned there.  the people there are sooo friendly and just welcoming and it was great to spend some time with them sharing the gospel.  we taught one sister whose family was SO religious and looking for the true church.  she and all her siblings had joined many different churches and were still looking :).  haha kinda reminded me of joseph smiths family was the first thing that came to mind.  But it's families and people like this that are PREPARED telaga to receive the gospel. sadly we wont be able to go back to this family any time soon but we left them some pamphlets and invited them to church, and maybe one day they'll remember and find the church.

That was actually on thanksgiving that we went to the island :).  we went in the morning so we could catch a boat home :) and then came back and did studies that evening, and made thanksgiving dinner!  My anak is a wonderful cook :).  we made mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, chicken, and apple cobbler!  Not quite the same as back home, but it was pretty american and pretty delicious considering we're in the philippines haha.  it was wonderful :).  haha i'm grateful for a little bit of america sometimes :)  i'm grateful for my wonderful companion and roommates!  but mostly, i'm grateful for the gospel and for my wonderful family!  I am so so SO very blessed :)

This week we had exchanges with our STL's!  And I was able to be companions with Sister Culangan again, my previous companion! Goodness she is such a wonderful missionaries, :).  She is so humble and she has become an even stronger than ever missionary since I've been with her.  It's pretty amazing how much the gospel will change us if we will strive to live it.  I've definitely seen that in my own mission, and that gives me hope for the rest of life as well, that I have a looong time to keep changing and improving.  I read a talk this morning during personal study by Elder Jefferey R. Holland called "None were with Him" and i LOVED it.  It's about how because Christ suffered the atonement alone and did it for us, we can have his help and support and never have to be alone through anything we do. Through Him we can change and become who we need to be. I also loved His example of perfect faith, that even though He felt alone and had to be while He suffered, He knew that the Father was close by and would never leave Him.  How thankful I am to have His perfect example and His support as we strive to follow Him and to become who we need to be.

haha MOM don't be trunky ha :)  nope i don't have my travel plans yet :) 

Here is what Pres. Maurer sent back about ideas for jax's project.......

There are people who always need items like clothing and shoes etc. Helping people get on missions always takes more resources than many have. White shirts, scriptures, PMG etc etc. Even the minimum of 2,400 pesos is very hard to get by so many. I am not sure if anything I have mentioned can be achievable in your brother's plans, but it may help
you to add to them!!! 

hopefully that can help :).  let me know if theres anything i can help with :).  i love you all!  can't wait to hear from you next week :)


Sister Mortensen

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