Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Amazing How Much She Understands And Treasures What She Is Learning

Hello Family,

This week has been great!  We are starting to get to know more people and visiting them!  We are doing lots of OYMing as well and looking for those prepared for the gospel.  We've been working with one lady named R--, who just recently began investigating the church, but already has such a strong testimony!  It is amazing how much she understands  and treasures what she is learning.  She seems to already understand, even before we have taught her, we're almost just reviewing what she already knows and believes.  It's pretty amazing :).  she is definitely one of those thats is prepared and ready to receive the gospel.  She has to wait 4 more years to be baptized, since she is living in with brother, and they have both been married before.  But she is okay with that and says the time will fly anyway, she'll just continue learning and preparing :). hopefully that will give brother the time as well There are more people out there too, that are just as prepared as she is, and we know the Lord will lead us to them :). We are being blessed :).

Mom thank you for the wonderful quote about being optimistic.  Ah i love president hinckley :)

This week for my ponderizing verse, this morning i chose alma 5:26.  my favorite part...."do you feel so now?" I chose this to help me remember to ALWAYS strive to have the spirit and that feeling to 'sing the song of redeeming love' with us.  We are so incredibly blessing and i need to be better at remembering that.  

Love you all so so much!  I'll talk to you next week!!

Love, Sister Mortensen

Sister Mortensen and Sister Russon at a Members Wedding Reception

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