Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Know That It Really Doesn't Matter If You Can't Really Speak And Understand The Language That Well...It Really Is Just The Spirit

Hi Family,

This has been a crazy week.....My nanay in the mission, sister kalua-santiago, went HOME today!  That is so crazy isn't it!  I'm gonna miss her... but i know we'll see each other plenty of times again and am SO excited for her as well :).  haha i can't even say how grateful i am for her :).  goodness how in the world did i luck out with such great companions? i am blessed :)

Ah my dear family, I love you all so so much :)  and i have a favor.......pray for me lots now okay? but mostly pray for my new ANAK because i'm training!  ...and transferring to allen up in catarman zone... which means i'll be learning a new version of waray and also tagalog i'm told!  So lots of prayers okay? :) i'm excited and surprisingly medyo calm about it.  If i stop and think about it too much, its scary haha, but then i know that it really doesn't matter if you can't really speak and understand the language that well...  it really is just the spirit, and new missionaries always have such STRONG faith and excitement for the work, so we'll be able to just figure it out together :)

we came to tacloban yesterday (tuesday) for transfer day and then today we met the new missionaries and went out OYMing with them!  and then had p day, and i got to go back to TANAUAN with SISTER GERALDEZ!!!  my previous area, and my previous companion :)  she was assigned there as well :).. how lucky are we?  we asked president and he said that would be great so... we went and visited some members :).  And goodness it was SO wonderful, i can't even say :).  Ah goodness i just really have felt so blessed this week :). haha.  i know God loves each and everyone one of us and will BLESS us if we just try to follow Him :).  don't worry, He's very patient with us and understands when we make mistakes... we just have to try.  so keep trying everyone!  I'm praying for you ALWAYS ;).  love you all!!  

pray for us :) haha

Sister Mortensen

Pictures from our zone activity last Monday.  We went to the zoo, which is really just 
someones house where they let you walk in and look around.  The lion was the coolest.

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