Monday, November 9, 2015

It's A Great Reminder To Me Of The Difference Between Going Through The Motions of Reading And Going To Church And All That, And REALLY Doing Them For The Right Reasons

Hello family,

we're doing great here in ALLEN!  it's been kinda a busy couple days and we haven't had a whole lot of time to work in the area really yet, but we're excited to get to work this week :).  haha mom i love all the questions :) We live with 2 sisters who are in the same branch with us as well, Allen 2 branch.  and there are elders that cover ward 1.  my first area with so many missionaries, so that's fun :).  The language really isn't too different... just many of the h's change to s.  and then some words are different.  but a lot of people speak tagalog, especially with the other sisters, since they're tagalog, so thats a little rough.  I understand some but not nearly enough haha.  but yes, the gift of tongues is definitely real :).  many blessings :).  its a pretty big area but we're just gonna start at the closer areas and maybe eventually get out a little farther. we'll see.  but nothing like biliran :).  the apartment is great, we're on the 3rd floor and the view is SO PRETTY.  right on the ocean :).  haha mom the toilet and shower are fine :).  i don't think yolanda hit here very bad, but not sure yet.  our attendance yesterday was 81!  they are hoping to become a ward soon!!  we just need a couple more active melchizedek priesthood holders :).  so close! my new companion is sister Russon!  she is from kaysville and is so sweet :).  shes a trooper too and eats everything and says its fine... even though i'm guessing it's still kinda new and weird for her.  haha she's so sweet.  today i think we'll try to buy some more 'american' food to give her a break sometimes. i am so so so excited though to be with her these next couple months, we are gonna have so much fun :). just keep praying for her okay since i'm not sure the best way to help her always to adjust and to learn the language :)

Today i also wanted to tell you about one of our investigators we taught this week!  Her name is J--, and she is a single mom, with a little boy who's one named E--.  When she was younger she was going to church pretty regularly for a couple of years, but was never baptized.  When we visited her last saturday she told us that she had been going to church but not really there spiritually, that it never really entered her mind and heart what she was hearing.  She said she would read the Book of Mormon sometimes but never understood any of it.  But when she had her son it kinda woke her up and she kind of realized that she really wanted to know that is was true for herself and to be baptized!  she wants to raise her son in the church :).  She came to church on sunday and we are planning for her to be baptized around the beginning of the year!  It was a great reminder to me of the difference between going through the motions of reading and going to church and all that, and REALLY doing them for the right reasons :).  

ah love the pictures!  ali and mom, you both are so cute! ah. and wow brayden!  haha who knew you were so talented?? oh wait we all did.  great job :)  haha and love the one of jax and ali!  haha it's actually starting to fit him now :).  you're so tall!!!  dad, 20 years? haha dad your job is as old as i am.  perfect age :)

goodness i love you all :).  don't forget that ha?  talk to you next week!!

Love, Sister Mortensen

President Maurer, Sister Russon, Sister Mortensen, Sister Maurer

View From the Apartment

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