Monday, November 23, 2015

It Really Is Evidence That The Gospel Is For Everyone No Matter Of Age Or Education Or Where You're From. It's Simple, And It's Perfect, And It's For All Of Us

hello family,

wow i can't believe it's getting cold! and snowing!  yeah i think this is gonna be the coldest winter of my LIFE once I get home :).  haha sounds like ali and josh really have gotten along better, that its depressing for ali that he won't be home for a long time.  hahaha great job ali :)

Today i wanted to tell you about some of the recent convert kids in our area!  J-- and R-- are about 10 years old and were baptized in october.  Their families are both members, but only sometimes come to church.  but these two kids and some of their friends that are investigators ALWAYS come to church, on their own.  And it's pretty far, but they're always early even.  And they both have such a great understanding of the gospel. It really is evidence that the gospel is for everyone, no matter of age or education or where you're from. It's simple, and its perfect, and its for all of us :).  it really just depends on if we really do have the DESIRE to understand, and are willing to try. and these kids definitely are. also, sidenote, they are hilarious!  they ask us what some words are in english sometimes, and think it's so funny that we call it a belly button.  Also, apparently sis russon is so white she sparkles! hahaha.  love these kids :).

they don't really celebrate thanksgiving in the philippines, but we will be!  We are hopefully going to make a filipino version of thanksgiving dinner.  haha we'll see how it turns out :).  you can't find as many things food wise as you can in my past areas, but we're gonna go look today :).  but just know, that i am thankful for YOU!  and i've recognized it more than ever being away all this time now :).  enjoy your thanksgiving!!! eats lots for me :)

hahaha josh, i'm definitely jealous of your view :).  but sounds like you are having some awesome experiences with those you are teaching :).  thanks for sharing. I'm sure you know but WRITE IN YOUR JOURNAL!  everything you want to remember :) haha .

also, about the pictures, i only have one for today... we had planned to go to an island to proselyte which is apparently BEAUTIFUL, but we had to cancel and move it to (hopefully...) this week.  so just the one.  with sister culangan!!  a previous companion :).  i miss her!  she's our stl here and was on exchanges with the other sisters :).  

as for the package, thank you again!!!  sounds great haha :). also the general conference ensign if its out now :)

love you all!  hope you have a FABULOUS week and enjoy your thanksgiving and the cold and everything!  we are so blessed :)

love you!

Sister Mortensen

Sister Culangan, Sister Russon, Sister ?, Sister Mortensen

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