Monday, October 26, 2015

It Was A Great Reminder To Me To Focus On The Positive And Rejoice In the Little Things

hello family!  

goodness what a fun couple of weeks you've had! haha are you going to school sometimes too? and yes i spent a LOT of time at the benson building, and actually watched that show haha. i'm glad jaxsen is learning his lesson.... because i definitely had to as well :).  

yes mom, 3 more months, thanks for the reminder :). it's crazy diba?  I can't believe it. i can't decide if i'm more excited or more sad. haha :).  kinda reminds me of the mix of emotions before leaving.

the new family we found last week is the G-- family :).  The father is pretty busy with work, so we set an appointment with them for saturday night... but only one of the sons was home, the rest had gone to a family birthday.  so hopefully this week we'll be able to visit them again. 

mom i love your scripture to ponderize!  i just picked my new one for this week earlier this morning, also about prayer :) 2 nehpi 4:35.  keep it up you guys!!

i was hoping to send some pictures today.... but we're at a different email place and the computer won't read. it. so next week hopefully :)

Yesterday during sacrament meeting, i was marking who of the less actives and investigators had come to church.  We had a pretty long list of people who we were hoping would be there but... not many of them showed up.  But then i realized that even though there were many missing, there were some new faces, and people who we had been visiting and praying for a long time that had come to church!  It was a great reminder to me to focus on the positive and rejoice in the little things :).  We have many many blessing, and I need to be better at recognizing them and thanking God for them :).   

ah goodness time flies, i'll just have to tell you about everything once i'm home. But till then, i LOVE you all so much!  haha i know i say that all the time, but its true :).  and i know that Heavenly Father loves you all as well and hears and answers our prayers!  so keep on praying ha :).  

Sister Mortensen

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