Monday, October 19, 2015

They Pray As A Family And Read, Even In The Book of Mormon Sometimes

Hi family

Thank you so much for the letter dad!  and also for all of the pictures!!! wow looks like you guys have had a wonderful week in California :).  CONGRATS to ashlyn!!!  that is so exciting she got married :).  and i still can't get over that you saw brenda!  ah i miss her and jennifer :).  can't wait to see them again as well.  glad to hear she's doing well.  

I'm not sure what pictures sister Maurer sent.... but yes it is so beautiful here :).  and it's actually not very often that i miss the niceties of home... just occansionally.  haha well whenever i laba too :).  but being away from all of that really does make you realize what really matters.. you guys!  i miss you all :).  

This past week I went on exchanges with Sister Newton!  We lived in the same apartment in Tanauan, so i was so excited to get to spend some time with her again.  We got back to her area in Naval a little late because the rides took a while, and by then there wasn't time to go out to where they had planned to work.  They are still working to get to know the area since it is a BIG area, and so there weren't too many people we had to go visit that night.  We OYM a bit and tried to contact some other OYM's from before, but didn't get to teach anyone that night.  She just kept going and going though and always had another idea to go and try.   ah i love exchanges :) so much to learn from them.

We also found a new investigator family this week!  Two of the kids are active members, and the rest of the kids and the parents are Catholic.  They are former investigators, but it's been almost a year since missionaries have visited them.  They should have a record in our area book, but don't....Makes me wonder if there are other families without records that were lost from missionaries transferring?  But this family seems to have great potential :).  We should probably have thought to contact them before, since they are part member....but we only did this past week.  Haha there's definitely always something we're missing and can be doing better, like this wonderful family.  They pray as a family and read, even in the book of Mormon sometimes.  Both Brother and Sister participated great in the lesson and have a good understanding of the gospel and great faith :).  We're excited for them :)  So we'll see how it goes this week!

So, are you guys all applying what you've learned in conference?? i sure hope so :). going through my notes in my studies this weeks has been wonderful.  there are so many answers just for us :)  one thing i'm doing is ponderizing! it's great :) My scripture this week was D&C 6:36.  "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."  To help me focus more and just trust in Him :).

Love you all so so SO much!

Sister Mortensen

Billiran Zone Conference - October 2015

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