Monday, October 12, 2015

Our Questions Really Will Be Answered In Conference When We Will Just Ask

Hi family,

I did get to watch conference this weekend!  in english :)  there was a room for cebuano, but we definitely just watched in english :). ah i'm glad ali is enjoying the piano as well!  I'm playing the piano for the district choir, and so we have practices every sunday.  so while we are waiting or they're practicing alone or something, i get a minute to play anything i can remember, and it's great even though it's only a little bit of time :).  so keep enjoying the piano for me ali :) and sounds like a memorable experience hiking!! haha glad you guys are alright :) great picture gihap :)

Dad thank you so much for your letter! love you too :) I was gonna write you separate, but i'll just include it here i think :) and yes it is SO true, our questions really will be answered in conference when we will just ask!  It is literally so amazing :).  I had a list of 5 questions i had written before, and each one of them was answered in the first session, and even more fully throughout the rest of the sessions.  How amazing is that! haha and i'm glad you guys all learned from conference as well, kay for me i felt like it was all about missionary work :). haha i guess that how it always works, with the scriptures and everything as well.  the holy ghost helps you apply what you're learning to whatever your needs are. How amazing is that :) I really loved how many talks focused on the Holy Ghost. 

Oh one of the new missionaries in my zone lives in Central and know nonie and cameron!  Elder Bastian!  it's a small world, even this far from home :)

this week we visited a less active family for the first time!  The R-- family came to church last week, and so we asked where they lived and then decided to go try to find them.  it's kinda far but with the bikes it doesn't take too much time :).  Brother works on a boat far away, and so he only home for one month every year :(.  that is so hard on families, but is fairly common.  so sister and the kids come to church only occasionally, since i think it's hard without brother.  But they came yesterday to conference, and we have an fhe there later today!  then brother leaves back to work again later this week..  but hopefully with a little love and support from the branch, the rest of the family will keep coming to church :).  

Love you all so much :)  talk to you next week!

Sister Mortensen

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