Monday, December 7, 2015

I Know That Our Father In Heaven Loves Us And That We Know Enough To Follow Him

hello family

oh my goodness what a wonderful week you all have had :).  thank you so much for your wonderful letters always.  I think there's something special about december and getting ready for christmas where the spirit is just that much more present in our lives.  what a wonderful time of year :). 

I am so glad to hear that grandma and grandpa are alright.  i will be sure to keep them both in my prayers so that they can get fully recovered quickly.  love you grandma and grandpa!! :)

i can't believe that you met sister carinote!!!  Her name is renalyn, and is one of the SWEETEST girls and such a strong testimony.  I'm so glad you got to meet her.  i think i will definitely be making a trip to temple square :)  

At Temple Square Meeting Sister Carinote!

This week we've been focusing on visiting members, especially less active.  Yesterday I was talking to our branch mission leaders and he said how important it is to strengthen the members.  Especially in visiting the less active members.  Even if we visit them and they don't come to church, at least they're getting regular visits and getting that spiritual message.  Hopefully they can feel our love and the Savior's love for them, especially during this time of the year.  It helped me realize that we are not just visiting people to get them to come to church or anything else, but to come closer to the Savior.  So even if the people we visit don't come to church or keep other commitments always, as long as we are helping them to come unto Christ, it is part of our purpose here as well.  Even being here this long so far on the mission, I'm still learning more about what my purpose really is.  And all other aspects of the gospel as well.  There is so much more to learn!  i don't think i've ever really understood just how much i really don't know about the gospel.  But at the same time, i know enough :).  I know that it's true!  all of it, even if i don't understand it all.  I know that our Father in Heaven loves us, and that we know enough to follow Him :).  and as we pray and search and ask, He will teach us line by line :)

Later today we are going to contact a potential investigator!  she's the mom of one of the CUTEST little girls named M-- that always comes and talks to us every day.  she's 2 but is very talkative and just so energetic haha.  she always says "go to my mom!" and so a couple days ago we were punted and her mom was sitting there, so we talked to her.  She is very friendly and said we could come visit today!  another example of why we need to talk to everyone, even the two year olds!  I'll let you know what happens next week :)

for jaxsens eagle project, just english for the scriptures and pmg :).  mini would probably be better, but either way is fine.  are you thinking to do something like that then?  i'm so excited for this!!  they just had a dentist/doctor thing, like the larsens did, a couple weeks ago.  maybe there will be another when we go back? that would be perfect... 

ah love the pictures!  those are some of my favorite times, the nativity and temple square.  studying for finals... not so much :).  but good luck to you two!!  

love you all so much :).  hope you continue to have some wonderful spiritual experiences and enjoy this season.  I am so grateful for our Savior and for the knowledge we have of Him :).  love you!!!  talk to you next week :)

Sister Mortensen

Cataman Zone

Sister Fusson, ?, Sister Mortensen

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