Monday, December 21, 2015

We Are Hoping And Praying We Get To Stay In Allen

Hello family!  

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  it's finally here! haha i just emailed you a couple days ago, and then emailing now and will be TALKING to you in just a couple more days!! haha i think you are all gonna be sick of hearing from me :).  but i'm so excited to talk to you!! this is definitely what i am looking forward to most for christmas :)

This week has ended up being a pretty crazy week!  we taught literally zero lessons this week :). haha. been a little busy! after the storm and going to catarman and finally getting back to allen, we got all our apartment cleaned up and then helped clean up the church.  there is still more to do but it is looking MUCH better :). sunday we had a little time and went and visited some families in an area called ceramics. it's where we spend most of our time and is a bit poorer area.  many of the houses were damaged and a couple completely washed out. including one of the members.  There are usually so many kids running around that come and talk to us, but on sunday it was pretty quiet and lonely... seems like quite a few people have moved out for a little till they can rebuild.  but i have been literally amazed at how quick things are getting cleaned up.  it is going to take time to get the homes rebuilt again, but EVERYONE is helping out and the majority of the trees and trash and everything is cleaned up.  it's pretty amazing.  

we actually are not totally sure yet that we will be staying in allen.... but i'm guessing we will.  hoping and praying we will!  i don't want to leave.  electricity and water won't be back for probably another month. but it has been totally fine this last week living there.  if we do get to stay, we will probably be doing a lot of helping clean up and getting recovered.  the church has already given out 3 rounds of food to all the members, and the next batch of relief is going to go to helping rebuild houses that were damaged or destroyed. oh also, my first anak, sister laniton, is TRAINING! and she was supposed to be in ALLEN with us!!! how fun is that!  but we're not sure if they'll still be coming, even if we stay.  that might be a challenging start to your mission :).  but either way, i'm excited for her, she's gonna be a great nanay :).  

tomorrow is our christmas devotional, so that's when i'll get get the package you sent :).  thank you in advance!!  i'm excited :).  but mostly excited to talk to you all :).  love you all SO SO MUCH!  hope you have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!

talk to you soon!

LOVE, Sister Mortensen

Damage From Typhoon From Behind The Chuch.  The church got all wet inside but no damage.

Looking out their back balcony

Sister Mortensen has to be home before dark every night now,
which means they are always home to watch the sunset :).

Looking out their apartment.

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