Monday, December 14, 2015

Typhoon Melor

On Sunday night (our time) and early Monday morning (Philippine time) Typhoon Melor (local name is Nona) passed through the Philippines.  Brad and I watched the broadcasts carefully all day Sunday to see where the path was projected to go. Sunday afternoon, the maps showed that the typhoon would pass directly over Bri's area. (In the picture below she is on the island directly below the second red dot on the right side).

Later that evening, I sent a Facebook message to Sister Maurer, the mission presidents wife, to help ease my worried mind.  Sister Maurer messaged me back around midnight saying that she has been chatting with Bri over text and she said that "they are safe and dry.  The wind is pretty strong but they are ok."  I was so happy to hear that.  Still worried, but happy to know all is well.

Today, Monday around 4:30 p.m. we got this message from Sister Maurer:

As you may be aware we have just experienced a typhoon thru parts of our mission. All is well...However as a result of the strong winds power has been cut to some parts of our mission. Mostly to areas on Samar island - Catarman, Catbalogan and Borongan Zones. We have been in contact with all those zones thru phone and have confirmation that your missionaries are safe. But just wanted to let you know that many families may not get an email this week because of these power cuts.

Brianne is in the Catarman Zone.  So most likely we won't be hearing from her this week.  I'm sure she could use a few extra prayers sent her way.  

Here is a picture of the eye of the storm at 7:00 p.m. last night.  The island that it is approaching is Samar.  Bri is in Allen, which is in the top left corner of Samar.  The eye of the storm moved almost directly west across the top of Samar and passed almost directly over Allen.  The region she is in was one of the hardest hit areas.  Winds were reported at nearly 130 mph, gusting to around 160 mph.

We are anxiously waiting to hear from Bri, but know that all will be all right.  We are thankful for a mission president and his wife who are taking care of their missionaries.  

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