Monday, September 7, 2015

A Miracle Happened

Hello family!! 

thank you so much for you wonderful letter, these really are some of my favorites. you guys are hilarious haha :).  I'm glad you're enjoying the cabin!  and the cold too! haha it's weird to think about wanting to WARM up your bed :).  what a great weekend! I'm glad you guys are having fun :) and hillary, i'm glad you're enjoying the cabin, and keeping brayden awake on the four wheelers haha :). 

but yeah, that is crazy that josh is going to kennewick now!  holy moly.  he's gonna be great :).  

also, thank you SO MUCH for the package!  it was perfect :) all my favorites!    you guys are the best :)

Sister geraldez's foot is doing much better :).  not walking so much for a couple days while at mlc really helped it i think.  MLC was wonderful!  we have some amazing leaders here in the mission and i learned so much from them.  We talked about peter, how he overcame his weaknesses and became one of the most powerful missionaries ever.  We also discussed about giving bikes to some of the areas that have to walk the most.....and then picked two areas for a trial......and so now, we have BIKES!!!  It's been quite the experience!  The first day we got them, the tire had a hole, so we patched the hole (thanks dad! haha. i'm not sure how many other sisters have a dad that taught them how...). we rode them the next day, but the brakes were rubbing and it was HARD to pedal... and we didn't make it far. haha.  and then sis geraldez got sick :(.  so we just had to go home and rest :).  Today we're having someone fix the brakes, so hopefully it will be all good for tomorrow :).  but we're excited :)

yesterday, we went to visit the B-- family.  Nanay is active, and a couple of their kids and their families are active as well.  Tatay is less active though, and we've been visiting him and trying to help him return.  He wasn't there yesterday though, so we sat down to talk to nanay for a minute.  and a miracle happened!! One of their sons, R--, isn't a member and will NEVER talk to us even, let alone let us teach him or anything.  When ever the missionaries come, he stops whatever he's doing and stands up and leaves.  But yesterday, he walked in and saw us talking, and comes and SITS DOWN with us and starts talking to us!  It was crazy! we were so surprised haha. He was so friendly as well, and agreed to join a lesson gihapon with tatay on wednesday!!  We have no idea yet what changed his mind about the church, but hopefully on wednesday we'll be able to figure that out.  It was such a HUGE change, we were both sooo happy and are excited to teach him :).  The Lord really does have his timing for each of us.  I know He is preparing people all over the world for their time to recieve the gospel :).  how grateful am i to be a part of His work and to witness some of his miracles here in biliran :).

ah i wish i had more time to write to you!  but time to go :).  I love you!  talk to you next week!

Sis mortensen

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