Wednesday, September 16, 2015

He Wants To Know How To Follow Christ More And To Understand What We Believe

hello family,

thank you for the wonderful letter!  sounds like you've had  a great week! and i love the pictures as well :).  sorry today is our p-day instead of monday, just for this week.  The bikes are working great now :).  we had a member fix the brakes... sadly he couldn't put a motor on though.  they're still as tiring as ever haha. haha i thought walking everywhere was tiring, but the bikes are even more so!  i'm sure we'll get used to it though :).  we rode them a couple days last week.  And it saves so much time!  it's great. well going uphill it's about the same time.... but downhill is very quick :).  most people here ride motors but some have bikes too.  they all think it's pretty funny that us sisters are riding bikes now :).  the skirt is kinda a struggle but it's just fine.    

We were about to teach R-- once this week!  I was actually on exchanges with sister Pui.  we were punted at some other lessons and decided to try him, and he was home!  and let us teach :).  he is so shy. but he really is interested in the church. we asked why only now he would let us visit him, when his family has been members for a while now.  he just said that he wants to know how to follow Christ more and to understand what we believe.  we shared about the restoration, and he seems to really have the desire to learn and to know for himself if it's true. he seems to have a lot of questions but is too shy to really ask them yet. i think it might just take a little time with him.  whenever we set another appointment with him, he isn't home.  we aren't sure if he's busy or just shy... but we are definitely going to keep trying with him :).

Haha yeah that was my first area we ate mostly just rice and hotdogs :).  now we have sister pui!  she and sis acama live in the apartment with us, and she loves to cook :).  and ALL her food is soooo good haha.  so now lots of different things.... fish, vegetables, chicken, soup.  and always rice :)

haha yep i got my haircut!  actually i cut it :).  haha.  maybe 8 inches? it was REALLY long before.

As for advice for josh.... love the people, love your companion, love the Lord :).  And also, you're set apart as missionary, just like me, just like everyone else.  You'll recieve just as much revelation and direction from the spirit as your companion or anyone else. there's no practice time, no warm up, but you're just a normal missionary :). like you said, just be confident, trust the spirit ALWAYS! the Lord knows what to do, even when we don't :).  Alma 26:11-12. love you!

time to go :) love you all SO MUCH..

Sister Mortensen

A branch party for M--.  She is now serving her mission in New Zealand.

Sister Mortensen and Sister Heraldez

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