Monday, September 28, 2015

Careful...You Might Do The Cha Cha!

Hello to the BEST family in the world!!  

It's been a great week with my new companion, sister clerigo!  she is from bukidnon, Mindanao, so she is native cebuano speaker.  She's been on her mission since last october, so almost a year now.  I didn't know her much before, we've never been in the same zone or anything before :).   But she is so great!  it's been great working with her this week :).  i really miss sister geraldez though! ah. i really don't like transfers. but they're a blessing as well haha :)

we have biked much this past week, since it's been pretty rainy.  which is probably why there was no problems with them this week :) haha josh no worries, i'm sure you'll have your own crazy experiences as well :).  every day is different it seems haha.  and you're just as sarcastic as ever! :) but yep that's my favorite song as well, 'the hardest thing....' it's a good one. and so true :)   but yes take advantage of your companion that's a native speaker!  haha thats a huge blessing.  keep up the great work :)

funny story... a couple weeks ago after we visited O-- and his family, we were walking through this empty building that had mud and water on the ground and was slippery.  So i was... having a fun time, and twisting and sliding around in it.  haha :). sis geraldez thought i was gonna fall and kinda was making some noise trying to get me to stop.  and we walk out and look back.... and brother O-- and two of his kids were watching and smiling so big!!  haha.  whoops.  when we went back i asked how much they saw, and they laughed and said they saw me doing the chacha.  hahah!  so this past week, when we were leaving in had just rained and was wet again, brother O-- says, "careful, you might do the chacha." haha lesson more dancing on the mission :). 

This week one of the most exciting things is we were able to teach A--!  She is our one and only recent convert in our area right now, but she is also less active.  She has a little girl and is going to school as well right now, so is always pretty busy.  This is the first time we were able to visit her for about 2 months!  She lives close to the church, so we drop by her house pretty often, but only now we were able to teach her :).  We shared about our baptismal covenants and renewing them through taking the sacrament :).  She really does have the desire to come to church, but just feels that she does not have enough time.  But she said she'll try, even just for 1 hour, this sunday.  So i think we'll go by sunday morning and try to pick her up as well.  Hopefully we'll be able to continue to visit her as well :).

President Maurer said it is fine either way, for you to pick me up or us come back later.  So yeah i think it will be best to come back in May? that ok? also he said he will send a letter to you guys about it as well :).  also, what's the name of our airport? salt lake international?  haha i can't remember for sure :)

love you! i'm praying for you!  hope you have a fantastic week!  

sister mortensen

Sister Mortensen and Sister Clerigo

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