Sunday, September 13, 2015

Facebook Post From Sister Maurer

Having a little bit of fun while stretching, learning about dental care and correct missionary haircuts....

Sister Hansen loves to encourage the missionaries to work on their flexibility.

 For many of our missionaries flossing is a new concept. We are blessed to have Elder Hansen with us who is a dentist by trade. He helps educate many of our missionaries on good dental hygiene practices.

Barbers and hairdressers here don't understand what a good missionary haircut is. They tend to cut to the latest fashion - short sides and long on the top. No matter what you tell them if you say 'more' then it usually comes off the sides, not the top. So we invited some local barbers to come in after zone training to fix up some of the missionary haircuts. True to form, it took up to 5 times of cutting and re-cutting for some missionaries to come out with an acceptable result. Even with a photo example in hand, my constant cry of "more off the top", and me cutting one missionaries hair as an example, they just couldn't get it. But eventually we had every missionary looking good at the end.

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