Monday, August 31, 2015

We Really Are Blessed As We Strive To Be EXACTLY Obedient


I'm glad you had a great birthday :).  and thank you dad for singing the song to mom!! haha glad you liked it.:).  

The L-- family have been busy this past week and we weren't able to teach them.  And only the kids came to church again.  but we're planning to go visit them later tonight!  And also, we are going to try to find a new investigator family this week!   

This week we got to go on exchanges with the Cabucgayan 2 sisters!  I stayed in my area and worked with Sister Farol.  This is her first transfer, so she's only been in the mission about 3 weeks now.  She is such a great missionary!   I especially loved how she always ties everything we do and say back into Jesus Christ and our families.   I really enjoyed talking to her as we walked to our appointments and got to know her better. 

One thing I've learned this week is that we really are blessed as we strive to be EXACTLY obedient. This week we are really working on starting all our studies on time and getting out to work early or right on time. We've been struggling a little with that the past while and get started a couple minutes late.  But we goaled to be not even a little late, but start right on time.  And last friday was one of the BEST days I've had in a long time! We started all our studies on time, and got out the door gihapon right on time.  That day President let us ride a boat to one of our areas and it saved SO much time!  And was a great rest for Sis Geraldez's foot, which is why he let us.  Her foot is much better, but hurts if we walk very far. which is most everyday... but she never complains :).  While we were there we did some laba (laundry) for a lady we met, and set up a time to come back and teach her next week :).  Later that day, we visited the G-- family, who recently graduated from RC and are now less active :(.  They had many many questions, but we were able to answer them through the scriptures and help them understand. It is so true that the spirit will give you in the very moment what you can share :).  If we just study and prepare and do everything we can, the spirit will bring to memory what we know so that we can share it.  This day we felt the spirit so strongly and it confirmed to us the importance of obedience.  I absolutely love being a missionary and feel so blessed to be here and be sharing the gospel :).

Tomorrow we have MLC! and i'm so excited :).  we just were sent a talk we'll be talking about, and it's about Peter!  he's one of my favorites. i've actually been studying a little about him the past couple days and I want to be like peter!  he's the kind of missionary i want to be. like him, i have weaknesses that i need to overcome before i can become that kind of missionary though.  i can't wait for tomorrow!  i'll let you know all about it next week :)  

love you!
take care!

Sister Mortensen 

Sister Mortensen and Sister Brereton

Sister Geraldez and Sister Mortensen

Missionaries from Sister Mortensen's MTC Batch

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