Monday, August 17, 2015

I Know The Lord Has Prepared People Here In Biliran For The Gospel And Will Put Them In Our Paths

Hi Family,

Thanks for sending josh's letter :).  ahhh how great is he.  haha.  made me cry :).  we're both babies i guess :)

Two tatays we've been visiting came to church AGAIN!  Tatay D-- said thats he's just gonna keep coming to church straight, because i'ts easier that way.  If he sits at home on sundays he's tired and his knees are sore, but if he walks to church, which is pretty far, he feels much better :).   He's changed so much. when we first would visit him, he'd have SO many excuses and tell us how not coming to church is just a little sin, not a big deal, and he'll just ask forgiveness and be fine.  But now,  next sunday, he will be returned! active again :).  And Tatay P-- is doing great as well :).  He reads the book of mormon and understands really well, and explains to us everything that is happening in what he read.  so maupay :).  i love these tatays!

Haha i would love for you guys to visit here :).  I'm not sure yet if it would be better to pick me up or to come back after.... but either way would be great :). we missionaries probably won't get the opportunity to go to the temple :(.  Hopefully!  but the area presidency says that you need to be within 1.5 hours to go.  But we're hoping for an exception for our mission :). but i'm glad all of you guys get to go back home often! :) 

This week I wanted to share about our experiences with on the spot teaching!  We were in Hugpa, one of our far areas and were punted from all of our appointments :).  We had a nanay working with us and she stopped to talk to some of her relatives there.  We started talking with them as well and asked if we could share with them.  We taught them just a short lesson about how the gospel blesses families, and set up an appointment to come back.  They seemed to be very interested!  We were excited to go back to them.  Unfortunately when we went back later that week, everyone was at a meeting.  So we weren't able to teach them.  So, we went to visit another less active, but only her cousin was home. So, we OYM'd him and were able to share a message with him as well and set up another time to come back :).  We have been struggling to find new investigators in our area lately, so we were very excited to find these people this week :).  I know the Lord has prepared people here in Biliran for the gospel, and will put them in our paths.  It's our responsibility to recognize them, through the spirit, and help them to come unto Christ :).  It's such a privilege to be here and be a part of His work here.  We are so blessed :).  I don't know how I was lucky enough to be born in the family I was, but I was :).  I know the gospel is what has blessed us as a family so much and i just hope and pray that these families here as well can see that same happiness and blessings that we have.  I love you all! :)

Sister Mortensen

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