Monday, August 10, 2015

There Is A Huge Power And Strength That Comes From Our Temple Covenants

Hello family!  

Its great to hear from you!  and great to read josh's letter too!!! ah wow.  He's so great :).  I especially loved his birthday gift to ali...... haha!  things are going great here!  Transfers are today, but we are both staying! we are so glad :)

Tatay D-- came to church again!!! 2nd sunday now :). And his granddaughter R-- came with him as well :).  It's been amazing to see the changes in him.  And also, Tatay P came to church as well!!! Another (there are lots...) less active tatay.  They are both SO great though and so kind.  They know the gospel so well and have the right desires, its just that other things have gotten in the way and they forgot for a while.  But they're coming back :).  AH its so exciting :).  Brother O-- and his family are doing alright :).  They weren't able to come to church sunday since they all had sore eyes (its kinda like pink eye i think?). But we visited sister and the kids last night and they seem to be doing well.  It seems like it is just going to take some time.  I think we were rushing him a little, but he is still doing great and will be baptized one day :).

This week me and my companion have been talking about the temple :).  How we both miss going so much!  And how beautiful and wonderful it is.  So you guys take advantage of the temple okay? There are so many that are so close!  We are so blessed and so lucky back home.  Thats one of the many many things i took for granted back home.  But I am so grateful for temples and for the covenants we make there.  There is a huge power and strength that comes from our temple covenants.  I know it's through these covenants that we have the strength to endure and to be strong in the gospel!  I'm going to spend more time this week studying covenants as well :).  

Love you guys :).  I am SO GRATEFUL that we are sealed as a family and that we know that we can be together forever :)..  I miss you all, of course, but am sooo happy here, and know we'll have plennnnty of time later to be together.  Love you!! Can't wait to hear from you next week :)

Sister Mortensen 

Sister Mortensen with Missionaries from her Batch

Sister Mortensen and Sister Geraldez after Planting Rice with the Gabuya Family for a Service Project

Taking the Shortcut Home

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