Monday, August 24, 2015

Strength From The Lord Is Not Only Spiritual But Physical Too

Hello Family,

Ah sounds like you've had a great week!  Thats crazy school is starting!  You two are getting so old!  And brayden, you're getting so...close! maybe? hmmm. let me know :).

This week......Tatay D-- RETURNED!  It was his 4th sunday in a row that he came to church, so he is active now :).  haha and yes tatay means dad, you use it for grandpa-age people :).  haha. sorry i hadn't explained that yet!) We weren't even able to visit him this week, but he came anyways.  How great is he :)

The people we found in hugpa weren't home when we visited last we'll have to see what happens this week :).  Hugpa is far, about an hour to walk there, so we only visit once a week.  This week was especially difficult because sis. geraldez slipped and hurt her foot. So it is pretty painful to walk. but she's a trooper and walks anyways, and never complains.  it is starting to feel a little better but definitely still hurts. especially walking so far :(.  Pray for her okay? :)  Many prayers have been answered with that... we pray all the time that her foot will not hurt her so she can walk.  Also we're praying all the time for the energy to walk far everyday :).  Haha we are so tired every night!  But every morning we are able to get up and do it again haha.  Strength from the Lord is not only spiritual but physical too :).  

Yes typhoon season is right now :).  there hasn't been anything here yet, just rain sometimes.  That you for the package!!  We will be going to tacloban next week i think so i'll pick it up then :).  

I also want to tell you about some investigators, the L-- family :).  They have been investigating for a while now.  The kids come to church every sunday, but the mom also says she'll try but doesn't make it to church.  Their father recently got back from working in Mindanao, and is pretty shy of us.  We have been doing everything we can think of with this family the past couple weeks to help them begin to progress!  We did a service project at their house and helped clean up some of their garden.  And we also had a FHE at their house!  We had two member families attend as well. Sister really loved the FHE, I think that more than anything will help her see just how much the gospel can bless their family.  It was a fun and spiritual night, and she said she enjoyed it and hoped we could have another one soon when her husband can attend as well.  At the same time though, it seems like there are always trials that come whenever someone starts to take a step on the right path.  We have seen that with quite a few people here that we've taught.  it's hard to see, because I know if they just CONTINUE, it will get better, like the quote you shared mom, but it can be a little frustrating and confusing along the way sometimes.  But there is a purpose for these trials as well. to strengthen our faith and to really make us rely on Him.  So in the long run, they will be better off, if they just continue :).  That's my hope for the L-- family and everyone else that is struggling, that they will just continue to do what is right and build their faith. The blessings will come :).  we just have to be patient :)

Ah goodness I love this gospel :). I love being here as a missionary and there is no where else i'd rather be :).  I know our Heavenly Father loves each of us and will take care of us and guide us as we just have FAITH and follow Him :). 

Love you!!

Sister Mortensen

PS  i was gonna send pictures, but forgot my memory card at home :(. sorry.

and can you send me the recipe for toffee? thats just cooked on the stove right? my companion wants to try some :)

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