Monday, March 2, 2015

The Baptism Was In The Ocean. So Cool!

Hello family!!  

How are you all?  Great?? me too!  Loving it here :). Transfer day was last week, which means I've been here in st. bernard two whole transfers now! Holy moly i can hardly believe.  time goes way too fast.  This past week has FLOWN by. It's already monday again!

M--'s baptism was soo great!  She was soo excited :).  It was rainy, so we started a little late, but it cleared up just long enough for the baptism :). The baptism was in the ocean!  So cool. When she came back to shore after, she looked so happy :).  It was so fun to see.  She got all dressed, and then shared her testimony with all of us!  Which is a big deal, since she's pretty shy. she has such a strong testimony and a strong desire to learn too.  I am so excited for her :).  And then yesterday in church, she was confirmed and given the gift of the holy ghost!  Afterwards, she told me that right after that, her hands and her heart felt warm.  

M--'s Baptism

M--'s Baptism

Also at church yesterday, our branch presidency was organized!  Before it was just the branch president, but now we have 2 counselors and 2 clerks.  Bro T-- used to be less active, but almost 2 months ago started coming to church every week and is working towards going to the temple with his wife.  Bro S-- was baptized a year ago, so up till now he has been a recent convert.  They are the counselors now.  I'm soo excited for them, since it will help the branch progress even more, but also will help them stay active in the church and give them the opportunity to serve.  

Also yesterday, G--, an investigator, came to church for the first time!  She and her little baby F--.  She walked to one of our members house so they could go to church together :).  We are also teaching her husband Y--, but he works all day every day for the rest of the month. So hopefully after that he can come too.  But she LOVED it.  We visited her after church with some members and she was so grateful.  She texted us later that night and said she wanted to be able to share her testimony like our members did that God had helped her with her trials.  They are such a great little family, and we are so excited for them :).

Ah i really wish i could tell you more!  But time is quick, so just know that i'm loving it, and staying busy!  Hope you have a WONDERFUL week :).

Love, Sister Mortensen

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