Monday, February 23, 2015

There Are People Waiting For The Gospel, They Just Don't Know Where To Find It

Hey family!

I'm glad to hear from you again :).  Jax, no more getting sick, yeah? Thats enough for know! Glad you're starting to feel better :).  And Brayden!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  You're getting so old!  22!  Haha how does it feel to be old?  I hope you have a FANTASTIC day.  Josh, that is sooo exciting your papers are almost done! Wow!!  You guys are all growing up so fast :). Haha. And I definitely will be watching those videos eventually.  haha. Thank you for choosing to serve a mission.  You are going to LOVE it, sooo much.  Mom, the last few pictures you've had curly hair?!  Looks great :). Ali, glad the mono is slooowly getting better :). And dad! Wow you're staying busy! haha sounds like a fun project :).  Holy moly I love you all :)

This week we have visited M-- a couple times to help her prepare for her baptism this saturday!  She lives with her grandma, who is member.  She will be baptized in a river close to her house.  She is sooo excited!  Ah.  During one lesson, we asked her to share her testimony, and she was SO SHY to at first, but she did!  She is so sweet, I love her :).

Yesterday after church, we went on splits!  Most sundays we do. I went with our branch president and his wife, M--, and her little cousin, I--.  We are teaching I-- too :). Everyone we planned to visit wasn't home!  So we stopped by another investigator named M--.  She too wasn't home, but her mom was!  P--, who we have taught a couple times before!  She was just visiting for a few days, and lives far away in the bukid.  It's been probably about a month since we've seen her.  I sat down and started talking to her, and she said she had been reading the book of mormon, and really liked it! She said its clearer than the bible, and she likes to read it.  She goes to a different church in hinunangan. She shared the pamphlets we gave her with the pastor there, and was explaining them to him. Pres cinco came over too and was talking with us and said he too felt that she was SO receptive.  It is amazing how prepared people like her are for the gospel.  There are people waiting for the gospel, they just don't know where to find it!  We do, so we need to go find them :).  It's all possible with the spirit.  That's one of the things i've learned here, is that just RELY on the spirit, and trust that He will lead us where we need to go, and tell us what we need to say.  One thing I love too is that the spirit helps us know exactly what we need to do better as well.  And then you get chance after chance to work on it!  Even after messing up and retrying and stumbling though, you still have the chance to ALWAYS improve.  It's pretty amazing.  A missionary let me borrow his book the Continuous Atonement this week, and I have LOVED reading some of it again. (i read instead of writing in my journal.  oops haha.  I'll catch up this week :) ).  As we continously repent and rely on Christ, we can be clean and worthy of the spirit, and can become more and more like Christ.  What a miracle.  How blessed are we to know this!  I am so grateful for our Savior and for His Atonement. I KNOW He loves us and is always there for us.  Don't forget that, yeah? We need the power of the atonement every day :).

I love you :)  Time to go!  have a wonderful week! take care!

Sister Mortensen

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