Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  

This is probably the only time i'll be able to say that to you all on my mission! Nope not breaking any rules, I'm actually at the mission home right now emailing on sister Maurer's computer!  Yesterday we had a zone activity at the farm in sogod, the one we went to last time, and a sister got hurt!  She was jumping over a pile of sticks and kinda got one stuck in her leg.  She is totally fine :).  Good thing she's tough though, she didn't even cry!  I went with her to the hospital with two elders and they got it all taken care of.  Like I said, it would have been super simple to take care of in america, but this is the phillipines! Its a little different over here :).  They admitted her and gave her an IV and wanted her to stay overnight. She is totally fine, and went home that night :).  We hurried home to get to an fhe and so didnt have time to email.  This morning we came back to sogod for zone conference! And then came to tacloban for sisters training tomorrow! and trainees follow up on friday, then we'll go home that evening :).  

I did get the package! Thank you soooo much! it was so fun!  I shared the oreos at zone training meeting, so now they all love you guys too :). love all the pictures, and the ones you emailed too.  You guys look like youre doing great, i love it :) 

Ok thats crazy that kirk is home!  Haha and he looks SO different! Haha!  Glad he's so happy :). And Tia is so big! wow!

This last week has flown by!  Been lots of fun and very busy :). I LOVE my anak.  D--, who you asked about, was busy whenever we tried to teach her, and didn't come to church :(.  We'll keep trying this week. Elylisa is the member we work with. She is gonna serve a mission!  Turns 19 this summer and will hopefully go soon after that.  SO EXCITED for her.  Her little brother too is gonna serve, he turns 18 around the same time.  They are both going to be AWESOME.  For real.  Their dad is a recent convert, and their mom is about to get baptized! Speaking of missionaries, JOSH! that is so exciting!  I can't believe it!  You're all grown up :).  Haha keep preparing!  

Sorry for the quick one.  I'll tell you ALL about everything once I'm home :).  But for now, love you all!  Have a great week!

Love, Sister Mortensen

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