Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everyone That We Visited Came To Church!


Sounds like you had a great time in st. george!  Down to two kids? Holy moly!   haha mom i'm glad you had a fun time playing bingo :). how's jaxsens eye doing? hopefully he'll get healed up quick.  And ali with her mono?  Still bothering her? does it always last this long?  Ah, i still feel bad about that hike at the cabin....

I'm glad you weren't worried :).  this week has been kinda weird!  sunday night and monday we were in sogod, then tuesday morning we had zone training in sogod, and then went to tacloban till friday!  It was very strange being away from home for so long.  We were only able to work in our area Saturday and sunday.  It was SO NICE to be back to work where I could actually understand everyone!  We went on splits with the tacloban sisters on thursday, so we taught in waray-waray.  And it was tough.  Haha!  Made me realize how much cebuano i really do know.

Saturday we went and taught a girl named M--!  This coming saturday will be her baptismal interview, and then she'll be baptized on feb 28!  Brayden's birthday!  We are so excited for her.  She is 11 years old, and says she wants to serve a mission too when she grows up.  She understands the gospel pretty well  and is SO EXCITED to be baptized.

We stopped by to visit sister G--, an old nanay that has been sick for the past few weeks and hasn't been able to come to church.  We visited with her and talked about relying on the Lord and following his commandments.  

That evening, we were on our way to visit two less active families, the M-- and S-- families.  They are busy all the time and hide from us sometimes if they're actually home, but we wanted to go try to visit them and invite them to church.  But on the way, we had the thought to go visit Bro L-- and Sis L--, investigators that live close.  So we went there and....sister M was there! as well as A--, another investigator!  We were so excited.  We were able to share with all of them about the blessings that come from going to church each sunday.  It was great since Bro L-- and Sis L-- have very strong testimonies and were able to help Sister M-- and A--.

So then yesterday, everyone that we visited came to church!  We were so excited.  Another investigator, P--, came to church for the first time yesterday as well!  The branch was so great and was talking to them all and were so excited too.  I'm grateful we've been blessed, even though we were away from our area for so much of the week.
Time to go!  Love you all :).  Keep praying and reading your scriptures and doing all those things you know we should :)

Love, Sister Mortensen

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