Monday, February 2, 2015

This Has Been One Of The Best Weeks Of My Mission

Hellooo family!  I love you all :)

Sister laniton is the best!  We are having so much fun together, and learning lots of course.  I love her :).  Smores isnt something they know about here, I taught her about them :).  And yeah a lot of people do ask about home, i carry around pictures of our bukid/mountains and snow, since a lot of people ask about that haha.  It definitely is hard to explain how it is different.  

This has been one of the best weeks of my mission!  Over and over again we met people who we KNOW were prepared by the Lord.  Its amazing!

The A-- family, who we were sooo excited about last week, we found out that we can't teach anymore :(.  The husband doesn't want her to listen to us missionaries, and she doesn't want to fight him over it.  She says she will pray for his heart to be softened, and we will as well :).  We were pretty sad about that.  Since we had some time, we went to contact an OYM named P-- O--, in an area nearby that we hadn't been to yet.  He was working, but his wife was home and said to come back that evening. So we started talking to their neighbor across the street!  D--.  She let us come in, and we taught her the restoration.  And then my anak, how cool is she, asks her, "If you come to know for yourself that the book of mormon is true and that this is His true church restored on the earth, will you follow the example of the Savior and be baptized by someone who holds His authority?"  And she says.....yes!  On the first lesson.  Holy moly.  The spirit was so strong!  We had a branch missionary working with us and she was so surprised! She said it was so cool though, and was so excited.

As we were walking home for lunch, we stopped to take pictures (I'll send them:) ) and were laughing and having fun, and there was this one lady standing in her house laughing at us!  So of course, we go and talk to her, and she invited us to come back next week and share more with her :).

Elylisa, A Branch Missionary Who Is Preparing For Her Own Mission, and Sister Mortensen

Sister Laniton and Sister Mortensen

That night we went back to visit the O-- family who we had met earlier.  The tatay was tired from working so he was asleep, but we taught the nanay and her grand daughter.  And they were soo receptive to the spirit, it was amazing!  We went back to teach them again later in the week, and 4 more of their neighbors joined in too.  Ah.  They are so great.  And this was all just one day!  There was a bunch more people I wanted to tell you all about but I'm kinda running out of time.   Ahhh. But I'm so grateful for the Lord's guidance in this work, because He knows who is ready and where we need to go to meet them.  We just need to ALWAYS follow the promptings of the spirit :). 

Sister Mortensen

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