Monday, March 30, 2015

She Always Prays That Hopefully She Will Be Able To Go To Church Always

Hellooooo everybody!

This week has been a very busy one!  we had exchanges with our stl's
in bato.  It is always so fun to spend time with them.  It's always a
little different to be in another area.  Which reminds me.  transfers
are next monday!  and....sadly.....I will probably be transferring.  I
am going to miss these people here in st. bernard SO MUCH.  I really
have loved that i got to be here this long. I have learned and grown
so much here, and am really going to miss everyone.  The one comfort
is that I know my next area will have more people to love as well :).

I-- is getting ready to be baptized right now!  She will be baptized
this saturday! ;)  she is 9 years old and is ADORABLE.  she is super
excited to be baptized too.  her prayers are so sweet--she always
prays that hopefully she will be able to go to church always, and that
she will be baptized.  After we taught her yesterday, she asked us to
write it down so she could study it and remember it :).  so excited :)

G-- and Y-- are doing great but...didn't come to church.  we
tried to visit them that evening as well, and they weren't home.  so
we're not sure why, but we'll visit them soon i'm sure :).  They are
still working on their papers to get married!  and are always excited
to learn more.  Some of their neighbors have started kinda persecuting
them, but they just feel sad that they don't understand.

Yeah there are some people that have those same challenges--no food if
you don't work that day.  It's pretty hard to see.  Yeah we take soooo 
much for granted. I thought I understood pretty well how blessed we 
are...but I had no idea.  It's been pretty humbling.

That relief society activity was last saturday!  We walked to a
members house in cabalian early in the morning, then cleaned up the
beach and had a little devotional.  It was great :) some people have 
internet in their homes, but most go to internet cafes like we do.

I am so excited for general conference as well!!  we didn't get to
watch general womens conference, but i can pull it up and print it
here :).  For general conference, we will probably be watching it the
week after you guys. and yes it will be in english. last time they
made dvds and distributed them to all the branches, so I'm guessing
that's what will happen this time too. I'm so excited!  Thats great
you'll get to watch it all as a family :).

I was planning to send pictures this week but...we stayed in st
bernard and it is veeery slow today.  so next week :)  until
then---love you all!!  talk to you next week :)

Sister Mortensen

(Thank you Nathalie and Facebook for the pictures of the Relief Society Activity!)

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