Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Spirit Was So Strong Throughout The Lesson

Hello everybody!!

With transfers this coming monday for sisters, our p-day was moved to today :). still haven't found out anything for sure, but i'm feeling like i'm gonna transfer :(. but....we try to just not think about that right now :)

I-- was baptized earlier today!!  she is M--'s cousin and is nine years old and is SO CUTE.  no pictures right now (sorry) since i gave my card to a member to copy them.  she was SO excited and has been waiting a long time to be baptized.  The elders two transfers before me taught her most of the lessons and were going to baptize her, but then because of a few different things that happened, she wasn't.  she still wanted to be baptized but was a little discouraged since she was being taught and understood and everything but still had to wait.  so now, she was sooo excited that she was finally able to be baptized! afterwards she shared her testimony of the gospel and of God's love for her :). she is soo sweet.

Thanks to Ytsirch for pictures of I--'s baptism.  

(I love how through Facebook we can be friends with people Brianne has come to know and love!)

This week we received about as golden of a referral as I've heard of! He's from butuan (where my anak is from) and is visiting his family here in anahawan, another city kinda close to us, in our area.  on wednesday, he went to the elders apartments in hinunangan and asked if they could teach him and his family!  They told him he was actually in the st. bernard area and could contact us, the elders texted us his info too so we could contact him.  Then, thursday morning, we went jogging with some members early in the morning.  When we get back to the apartment, he's there waiting for us and asks if we can teach him! right then!  we told him we would just set up a time on saturday and come visit him and his family.  he also asked where the church was so he could come this sunday. soo, this afternoon after I--'s baptism, we went to visit him!  our branch p president and his wife and another member, C--, went with us.  We sat down to teach him (just him since his family was busy)  and Pres Cinco was confused since he thought he was a member!  That's how great this guy is. His father was there with us too and is a high preist in butuan. (baptized in 1934! He was one of the founding members in his area.) so he has a pretty good back ground with the church it seems, and is anxious to be baptized.  the spirit was very strong throughout the lesson and he understood everything very well.  We are SUPER excited about him!  he and is father are coming to church tomorrow, so that is gonna be GREAT.  can't wait for tomorrow :)

Lots more I wish I could tell you about, but time to go!  talk to you all later :)  can't wait to hear from you next week! 

Sister Mortensen

Pictures from Cherlita.  Thank you!
Sister missionaries jogging with sisters from the branch.


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