Monday, April 20, 2015

We Ride Until We See A Green House, Then We Get Off And Go Talk To Them

Hey everyone!  

It's great to hear from you!  You've been busy this week!  Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend in Joseph with the family, I'm so glad :).  Brayden good luck with finals!  haha yep that's always some crazy weeks. That is some crazy weather!!  It's been SOO hot here the past few days. I thought I was used to the heat by now, but nope!  It gets hotter :).  Hahaha!  

I always loved those YM/YW missionary nights!  One of my favorite activities.  Jax got to go as well!  you're getting so old!   and your BIRTHDAY is this week!!!  Happy birthday!!!  I hope you have a  WONDERFUL day and eat lots of cake or ice cream or whatever for me :).  

Yep my companion sister culangan is SO great :).  She's from Laguna, near Manila, and yep she went to the manila mtc.  This week was really busy, teaching lots of recent converts and working on finding less actives and more investigators!  We're hoping to turn the recent converts over to the branch missionaries mostly, so we can focus more on less actives.  That way the ward missionaries get more practice teaching, and the recent converts get more friends at church!  We'll see if we can get them going :).  

Waray-waray is coming alright!  from the little i've learned so far and the similarities between that and cebuano, i can kinda understand most of the time. haha.  it's easier during lessons, since most of the words i've learned so far are gospel related.  still have a LONG ways to go though.  and it makes me realize how much cebuano i really did know!  There is one family that we have taught a couple times from Mindanao, so they speak cebuano. and it is so so much easier to understand them!  Hahaha. 

 My week has been great as well :).  Yep, there are two wards here in tanauan. We're part of the Tacloban stake.  There's 2 or 3 stakes (i think) here in my mission, and then the rest are districts. Tanauan is a lot bigger than my past two areas!  It's a lot different being in a city.  Tanauan is one of the areas that was hit really hard by Yolanda.  I think you've heard stories where there was the chapel that the storm surge seemed to go around?  Everything around it was washed out, with floods over the roof, but in the chapel was only a few feet of water.  Thats our chapel :).  After Yolanda, the church helped rebuild the members houses, and so they are all green!  So it makes it really easy to find members.  we've been using that as a way to find less actives!  We'll ride until we see a green house, then get off and go talk to them.  It's worked great! we're probably going to keep doing that this week as well :)

Yep!! mothers day is coming up, i realized that a couple days ago!  i possibly might be able to skype, but not sure yet :).  I'll let you know as soon as we figure it out!  

Hope you have another fantastic week!  Love you all so much, and know I'm praying for you all the time!  take care!

Sister Mortensen 

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