Monday, April 13, 2015

She Understands The Gospel So Well

hello family!!  

yes, jocelyn cinco is the branch presidents wife :). I'm glad you get to keep in touch with them, while I can't very well!  I miss them all :(.  But, I'm am excited to be here!  I transferred to Tanauan 1st ward in tacloban zone!!  so yep, waray waray now!   My companion is sister culangan, my batch! and she is SO incredible.  love her :).  there are lots of recent converts in this area right now so we have been teaching them lots this past week!  A lot of them are from part member families, which seems to help the rest of the family be active in church as well :).  

One of the investigators we have been teaching is named G--!  She is the mother of one of the members here, and is preparing for her baptism on May 2!  and she is VERY excited, and very prepared.  She understands the gospel SO well.  When we teach her, she'll ask questions and clarify to make sure she understands.  Then after, she'll read the pamphlet again to make sure she really does understand, and ask questions about it again the next lesson.  Yesterday we taught her about the Law of Chastity and she had already read the pamphlet and knew most everything already.  Holy moly!  She is so wonderful :).

Thank you mom, for that song.  I love that one :).  hopefully next week i'll send pictures!  But till then,  i LOVE you all and am praying for you every day.  RELY on the Lord, because we can do all things with His strength :)

Take care!!

Sister Mortensen

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