Monday, March 23, 2015

God Was Working Hard To Help Them, But Satan Is Working Even Harder On Them As Well

Hello Family,

Ah i'm glad you finally got the letter!  haha sorry it was a while after dad and braydens birthdays.  haha i'm glad you liked it!

G-- and Y-- are doing wonderfully :).  yep, my first whole family of investigators that have been really interested :).  The branch all loves them!  they were all planning to come to church yesterday, but weren't able to.  Saturday Y-- was driving his put-put (bike with a side cart haha) and one of his passengers paid him in rice! so they had food for sunday, and could come to church :).  They were so excited.  that's why they didn't come last week--no food if he didn't put-put.  So they were planning to come. But then, later that day when he was driving another passenger, he drove past the store he used to guard. He was asked to fill in on Sunday!  The usual guard had something urgent to do, so Y-- said he would fill in.  When we talked to him sunday night, he told us how God was working hard to help them, but Satan is working even harder on them as well.  He FINALLY read some of the Book of Mormon though!  Usually he is soo tired from working all day, but he found some time :). He and G-- are very anxious to be baptized and to be sealed in the temple as a family forever!  They need to get married before they get baptized, and are working on their papers right now :).  They are always so excited to learn more every time we see them.  They are definitely one of those families that have been prepared to hear the gospel.  It has been amazing to see :).  

B-- hasn't made it to church yet :(.  still having a hard time waking up early, and he didn't show up to our last lesson with him.  Hopefully this week will turn out better.  He would make such a great member.  We need more priesthood holders here.  

Yesterday we got to visit the T-- family!  They are soo nindot.  I love them.. They have a boy named A-- that is 13 and reminds me SO MUCH of jax :).  They haven't been to church for about 2 months now though :(.  right now they're living far up in the bukid/mountainy area (haha it was a LONG, super fun walk :) ) and so i think that's one of the biggest struggles.  They know how much of a difference church makes, they have shared that with us many times.  There just seems to be something keeping them from coming back.  I really hope something will help remind them how important this is :)  

Love you all.  So much!  Thank you always for your emails :)  talk to you next week!

Sister Mortensen :)

Sister Mortensen and Sister Laniton

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