Monday, March 16, 2015

She Feels Sorry For Them Because They Just Don't Understand

Hello family!!  

thank you mom for the email, i love hearing about everything at home.  Sounds like you guys are all staying busy!  

Our week has been busy too!  we had zone training and zone conference this week, so lots of traveling.  It was great to hear from our zl's and from President and Sister Maurer though.  

Sogod Zone Conference

G-- and her husband Y-- and their little baby F-- all came to the fhe!!! we showed the restoration video and talked about what it means for us, and it was SO GREAT.  They are such an awesome little family.  All the members love them too :).  G-- shared her testimony too! She talked about how excited she is, and how even though some of her neighbors ask questions and kinda persecute them about it, she just feels sorry for them because they just don't understand.  Y-- hasn't been to church yet since he's had to work, but finished yesterday.  so next sunday they hopefully all will be there :).  SOOO excited for this family :).  

B-- C-- missed church again yesterday :(.  He stays up lately watching a tv show every night, and so slept through church again... He really does want to change his life around, and understand the gospel and be baptized, but he just hasn't yet started making those changes in his life.  We have been teaching him about early to bed, early to rise.  haha dad, you should be proud! :)  hopefully this week when we visit him again we can help him.  

Sister B--'s leg is doing fine :).  it doesn't hurt or anything anymore, but is still healing so she keeps the bandage on to help keep it clean. I'm feeling great right now!  Haven't ever really been sick, I'm one of the lucky few :).  mosquitos have just started getting worse lately, but not too bad.  still have plenty of bug spray, and i can get more herre  :).  yep we have a filter to use at home for water.  Most people buy mineral water to drink so that hasn't been a problem when we're out working.  

sorry for the short one today :).  both sets of grandparents emailed!  so i emailed them back as well.  they are such great examples for me and all of us, I love them so much!  good luck with everything this week :)  take care!

Sister Mortensen

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