Monday, December 1, 2014

It Is Amazing To See The Lord Doing His Work Here


This week has been another great one!  T-- and her family are a referral from the D--, the recent convert family we have been teaching.  We visited them a couple times this week, but haven't given them a baptismal date yet.  They are doing GREAT though. 

This week, we are 99% sure we both will be transferring :( . President says he probably is going to put elders in hinunangan.  I MIGHT be moving to the area right next to ours, St Bernard, which is about an hour and a half away.  But we won't know anything for sure till friday :).  This tuesday and wednesday we are going to go work in st bernard too actually.  So that will be cool! There are some great investigators over there.  Last night after working with some branch missionaries, we had them over to our house to make smores! They can't come inside, so we pulled out our table and gas stove onto the porch for them :).  They loved them!  We made a bunch for our friends across the street too :).  It's gonna be hard to leave everyone.  

Most people do have electricity, there are some people though that don't.  Haha the member that told Jehovahs witnesses to come visit us probably did it for us to teach them!  Or just as a joke.  Haha we are good friends with him and his family, they are hilarious :).  The sister serving in slc is a proselyting missionary :).  she goes in on march 24!

I always love reading your letters! Sounds like its been a great week!  I'm glad soccer is going pretty awesome!! Josh, thats a great way to end your season with your team winning the championship! So cool!! Also. You and Ali look older now. Haha.  Ali, I really hope you get feeling better soon.  That's gotta be tough, since you love soccer so much.  I'm so glad your coaches and team are supportive of you :).

Looks like thanksgiving was so much fun as well! loved the pictures too. And you're decorating for christmas!  Here they have been decorating  for christmas for about a month now...haha! It's kinda weird to think it's actually getting COLD over there :).

We kinda forgot about thanksgiving till our zone leaders texted us that night.  So we really didn't do much BUT I wanted to tell you guys that I am thankful for YOU.  I wanted to share just one memory that I'm thankful for from each of you :).

Dad...doing my mission papers with you!  I loved it :) birthday this year!  Getting my first pedicure, and going to Rumbi, and just spending the day together :)

Brayden...our first snowmobile trip to monroe cabin!  Jumping off the roof into the deep snow, but only sunk to our shins.  And then built the tunnel off the porch, climbed through it once, and then had to leave! 

Josh...when we hiked Timp with dad!  You probably could have ran straight up it, but were very patient with me :).  And the awesome panoramic picture where your neck looks SUPER long.  hahaha.  so fun :)

Ali...our cabin trip right before I left!  That was the best!  Haha our hike when you probably had mono....sorry again about that.  And kinda, but not really, getting lost on our long four wheeler ride :)

Jaxsen...when we were practicing your spelling words and playing soccer.  And then you got 100%!  So cool :)

Time to go :).  I love you all SO MUCH.  I know this church is true and am so grateful to be here.  I love it, I really do.  It's amazing to see the Lord doing His work here.  I can feel His strength and His support every day :).  I know He loves all of his children, no matter what!  I am so lucky and so blessed to be here :)

LOVE, Sister Mortensen

Sister K and Sister Mortensen

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