Sunday, December 28, 2014

I Guess There Are Some Perks To Being The Only White Girl In Town!

Hello Family

It was so great to talk to you all!  It went by much too fast though haha.  It sounds like you are all doing so well :).  And had an awesome christmas too it sounds like! LOVE all the pictures :).  Especially the t shirts!!  Hahaha. Ah I'm sooo glad you guys had such a great time this season :).

My christmas was wonderful as well! After I got to talk to you, we got ready and went to catch a bus to go to district meeting/lunch, but there were no buses!  Haha we were not expecting that.  So it got moved to friday, and we studied and went out to work. We tried to visit as many people as we could, but almost everyone we met was too busy with family or friends, so it was always a pretty quick visit.  On the was to visit one less-active, we were riding in a tricycle and my camera fell out of my pocket!  I didn't notice till we were walking up to her house.  I said a quick prayer that I would find it, and then honestly wasn't too worried about it.We walked up to her house to talk to her, but her husband had a bunch of friends over to videoke, so we didnt' get to stay too long.  But we did get to wish her a merry christmas and remind her of the love of Christ for her :).  We'll go back and visit her this week sometime :).  We walked back down to the main road, and caught a tricycle back to visit some investigators.  They weren't home, so we kept walking towards our apartment.  A tricycle pulls over in front of us, and says, "Sisters! Camera!"  and pulls out my camera!  I guess there are some perks to being the only white girl in town.  Haha I stand out on the side of the road.  So that was pretty funny :).

Christmas on the mission has been wonderful :).  I was honestly a little nervous about it, but it has been great, it really has.   Being away from home this season has helped me understand what it really means to have the gospel in my life.  It's made it more real for me I guess.  It's not just something that feels good and sounds right.  It is REAL.  (It's hard to explain.)  Christ was born here on earth.  He came to save us from our sins, so that we can become like Him. That's what this is all about.  Helping people come unto Christ and become like Him.  Because of Him, we can be with our families forever.  Because of Him, we can be happy now and for eternity!  Because of Him, we don't have to continue as our imperfect selves, we can change who we are.  It's amazing!  And it's real, I know it.  I'm so grateful that I know it, and get to share it.  And I'm grateful for that chance to change, because I want to be better :).  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that with His help, we can become like Him someday.  I know this gospel is true!

I love you all so much :).

Sister Mortensen

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