Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Had A Miracle Here In St. Bernard

Hello family :)

This week has been another wonderful one!  Haha you would think that every week would be pretty much the same on a mission.  We do mostly the same things every week.  But each week is new and different and wonderful in its own way.  Haha I love it :).  For our district christmas party, we went to lunch after district meeting :).  It was so fun! Its always fun to get together with other missionaries.  My district includes us, Hinunangan, and libagon.  So that's elder saluta, estrada, hepler (my batch!), and santillan.  The rest of our zone are sister brereton and samayla, and elder burton, tejada, junsay (my batch too!) and villaneuva.  Haha yes, i think i really am the only white girl in town, and have been called barbie. haha!

Last monday, it rained ALL day!  My companion didn't have an umbrella and hadn't found one she liked yet, so we were both without umbrellas :).  Which is fine, we don't mind getting wet haha. free shower :).  That evening we went to visit a less active family, the T--s.  They are my FAVORITE.  They are so great :).  They live pretty far out it the bukid, so they don't come to church usually if it rains.  And it rains a lot here, it's the philippines :).  We walked to their house and were soaked through by the time we got there.  Haha they were so surprised to see us, especially without umbrellas! They were all freezing, and they were dry with jackets on. They were shocked that we weren't cold.  I was talking to the kids and they were teaching me some cebuano, and they were cracking  up when I would get something confused or forget a word.  Their dad came over too and so we were teaching him some english too.  It was so fun!  Now I know most of the parts of the body in cebuano :)  Haha not sure if I will ever use those words...but it was fun either way!  For our lesson, we talked about how important it is to come to church, even if it does rain!  Haha and guess what? They came to church this sunday!  It was even a little rainy :).  

This Sunday, we had a miracle here in St. Bernard!  These past two Sundays our sacrament attendance has been 55 and 56.  This Sunday it was.....98!!  We all were pretty shocked haha.  We have been really focusing on less actives this past week, and a LOT of them came to church :).  On Saturday, we started this new thing we are calling Reactivation.  It was Sister Gaono's idea, she did it in her last area in Tacloban.  We meet Saturday afternoon at the church with as many members as will come, and then go and visit all the less actives that we can!  We invite them to church, and sometimes share a little message with them, sometimes just talk and get to know them better and help them feel welcome :).  And it has helped! Everyone we visited during reactivation came to church :). Also, I think since it is the beginning on the year, people are also just trying to be better and get to church :).  We are going to keep doing reactivation each Saturday, and try to help everyone keep coming back!

With the start of this new year, I've been thinking a lot about goals I want to set.  I've only nailed down one for you, but I'll let you know the others next week :).  This year, I am going to be exactly obedient and LOVE it, haha.  I've already committed to do that, and have been trying, but haven't quite lived up to that always yet.  But now I'm going to.  I've seen the help and the miracles that come from being obedient, and I need that to be able to serve these people here the best I can!  I honestly love these people here in St. Bernard, and love my companion :). I am so blessed!

Sounds like you are still enjoying your break!  I'm so glad! It's always fun when the wanlasses come over :).  Lyndi is in college!  Holy moly haha.  she's gonna love byu :).  And grandma and grandpa come home in march, thats crazy!  Yes, please send some of their experiences, and dad's parents too if they send an email or something.  I would love to read them :).  Oh also can you send me a big quick dry towel?  The one I brought, I left at the mtc in the dryer.  Haha oops.

I love you all :).  Being out here, I've realized more than ever the blessings that come from growing up in a strong, loving family.  So thank you to all of you!  It's because of you all that I'm out here serving.  I can definitely feel of your love, and hope you can feel mine too.  I'm still praying for you, always :).

Love, Sister Mortensen

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