Monday, January 12, 2015

I Know That The Temple Will Bring Even More Blessings And Power Into Their Lives

Hey family!  

How are you all?? I'm doing good, but i'm going to need TONS and TONS of prayers these next few weeks.....I'm training!!  Ahhhh!  I am soo excited!  And pretty darn nervous, but you know, it's all good.  I'm here in tacloban today till thursday.  Today was transfers for the sisters, but I'll get my anak (child) on wednesday, then we'll go back to st bernard on thursday!  And get to work!  

I have some exciting news from Hinunangan! T-- is getting baptized!!!  I am so happy for her :).  I think I've told you about her...  She was referred to us by the D--s, and lives on that road too----Mormon Road!  The elders finished teaching her, and she is gonna be baptized this saturday i think :).   

It definitely is the rainy season here! It rains all the time haha.  It's fine though.  It makes it cooler too, so that is great.  I haven't really seen much of a difference since ruby, since it didn't hit this area too bad.  Maybe in other areas though.  Barongan, the zone that was shut down after ruby, is starting to open back up.  Actually Sister Kalua-santiago and sister Chu are there now!  they are going back to sister chu's area from before.  I didn't get to see them though, they went straight there.  I heard they are doing great though :).

Most people are catholic.  Thats the biggest hold up for people actually, their religion.  Sometimes even grown adults with their own families won't get baptized or come to church, even if they are interested, because their parents won't let them.  It's kinda crazy.  

The language is getting better :).  I can understand MOST of the time, and can speak.....slowly. It's still rough sometimes. But most of the time, especially during lessons, even when I don/t understand every word, I can still get enough that I understand.  There are times during lessons where I'm kinda lost But it's definitely improving :). all the new sisters coming are flilpina, so that will definitely help my language, having a filipina companion! I am excited. Haha once i am finally comfortable with cebuano, I'll probably transfer to waray! Haha life is great :) I love it!

This past week, we have been really working some less active families in our branch.  We have been helping them set the goal to go to the temple to be sealed this year!  There are active families too that have not yet gone to the temple.  We are trying to help them get there as well :).  I know that the temple will bring even more blessings and power into their lives, and I really hope they continue towards their goal and make it this year!  We're going to continue to visit them and encourage them.  I am excited for them!

Ah gotta go.  Time flys, as always.  haha bye!  LOVE you!

Sister Mortensen

Sister Mortensen and Sister Gaono

The T-- Family

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