Sunday, December 14, 2014

This IS The True Church of Jesus Christ And It Is Gonna Spread To All The World

HEY! It's great to hear from you :). I'm so glad that you were able to feel so much peace through this too :).  You really can feel so much comfort and calmness (if thats a word...) through the holy ghost.  It's pretty amazing.

I did get the packages, thank you sooo much!! Tell brother morrison thank you too, and I'm glad he made it out safe :).  That will be so fun to give them out to the members!!! And there is so much! Wow! Thank you :).  And the hot chocolate and pillowcase and videos and chocolate orange and the  You are the best :).  My favorite though i think was the calendar with all of the pictures!!!! Haha me and my comp sat and looked at all of them and loved it!  Thank you soooo much!

Bad news?? Haha that is great news!! The cruise will be soooo fun, I'm so excited for you guys!! Baja mexico, is that the one we went on last time?  That was so fun!! Lots of great memories from last time :).  Don't even worry about going on trips without me, I want you guys to have fun!! We have plenty of time later to do more fun trips together :).  Just take lots of pictures for me :).  And eat lots of ice cream! You guys are out of school already? That seems so early! haha christmas is coming fast.  Oh and for skype/phone calls, we aren't really sure yet... we should find out this week though, and I will let you know :).  I am SO EXCITED though!

 Everything is going great here, and starting to get back to normal. Well, as normal as a mission gets anyways.  We got to go back to Hinunangan on tuesday!  They weren't hit hard at all, I didn't see any damage from the storm.   So that was sooo great to see :).  We heard that only two members were at the chapel.  I'm not sure how much of an effect the storm had on the people there, since it didn't hit too hard.  Even though we were in Hinunangan, we didn't get to visit anybody becuase we only had about an hour to begin packing up then go to bed.  Our apartment was fine, not even a little flooded :). In the morning, we hurried and packed and cleaned and then headed to sogod.  Transfer day was thursday!  Me and Sister KS had to be there to get her companion early, so we caught a van at 3 that morning!  Yeah we were pretty exhausted :).  Sister KS's new companion is.....sister chu!!!! My companion from the mtc!  I was soooo excited for them when I found out :).  Sister chu was in barongan, the area that got hit really hard by ruby.  So she and sister ks were going back to recover her luggage, then would come back to their new area in Palo, near tacloban.  Transfer meeting was soo great!  I got to see all of my batch, it was so fun :).  My new companion is sister Gaono! She is from Samoa, and goes home in february.  She is great!! She only knows waray, but most people here can understand that too.  So we with both be learning cebuano together, just like with sister kalua santiago :).  I am really excited for this transfer.  We got to st bernard thurday night, and have spent our time since then trying to get to know the area and the members and all that good stuff.  Our branch president and his family is AMAZING.  They have been sooo helpful, even just the few days we have been here.  It's gonna be tough to get the area going again, but with his family and a bunch of great branch missionaries, it is gonna be just fine :). I can't wait!!  I thought it would be hard to transfer to another area, but it really hasn't been too bad.  I LOVE our little branch, and am excited to work with them and get to know them.  Ah.  Missions are the best.  I love it.  This IS the true church of Jesus Christ, and it is gonna spread to all the world!  He has a plan for each one of His children here, and for me as well.  We just need to trust Him, and follow Him :).  I'm so so blessed to have this gospel in my life.  And I am so blessed to have YOU all in my life :).  I love you!  I hope you have the best time this week on your cruise!! Be safe :).
Love, Sister Mortensen

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