Monday, November 24, 2014

We Taught How God Is Our Loving Heavenly Father And The Gospel Blesses Families

Hello family! 

Its great to hear from you! Thank you for writing to me as always :). I love to hear about everything that is going on!  Haha i loved the words of wisdom this week :).  Haha our family is the best.  And ali!! You're driving! careful :).  Jax, you're hilarious :). That's awesome youre getting snow!! Haha have fun skiing, you guys are all gonna be better than me by the end of the season :).  Sounds like evening in excellence was great :).  Of course dad did a great job :) Josh? What is going on? you lost a game??? Haha its ok, it happens to the best of us :) Sounds like the temple was a great experience, I'm glad dad and brayden had a great time.  I miss the temple :).

This past saturday and sunday, we had district conference!  All our branch members that could come all rode the bus to sogod together, and we got to ride with them.  It was so fun!!  Five of our investigators came as well!  T-- and her family :).  I think I told you about them before...but I may have called her C-- :) haha we found out this week her name is actually T--.  Haha oops :).They seemed to really enjoy conference though!  We are planning to give them a baptismal date this week!  They are awesome :).  Our members are great, they were sitting and talking with them and making sure they felt comfortable :).  That's exactly what you have done with Louise, mom, and that's exactly what she needs.  Even if she isn't coming to church right now, you are still blessing her life and helping her feel God's love.  Thank you :). Great members make a huge difference.  Especially during lessons.  Whenever we teach with a member, we wonder how we can ever do it without them. 

The two girls, L-- and L--, are about 14 and 6 I think.  They don't have electricity in their house, so its tough to teach them since they get home from school when its dark already.  We usually only get to teach them saturdays.  They are still doing great though!  We are excited to teach them :). 

We usually only go on splits once a transfer.  Saturday night after district conference though, we got to go on splits with the sogod sisters!  I actually got to go with Sister Samayla, who I was on splits with before :).  After our lesson, she said that my cebuano had really improved from last time!! Haha so i actually have learned a little bit in my last 2 months :).  Thats good to hear haha.  I actually do feel like I am starting to understand a lot more of what people are saying.  It's pretty exciting!

Here's the story of the picture with the little girls :).  We were in toptop, an area that's further inland from where we usually teach.  We only have 2 families, F-- and C--, who we teach there.  We had an appointment with them, but they weren't home, so we walked up the road to just talk to people :).  We stopped to help one lady weed, but she wouldn't let us (which is what usually happens :) haha).  we were talking to her and her husband, and they had us come and sit in the shade since it was SO hot. They were so friendly!  They offered to make some sweet potato for us, so while they were inside cooking, these girls came by and sat and talked with us.  They were so cute!  Haha they thought it was so cool that we spoke cebuano.  We haven't seen them again yet, but we might go look for them sometime :).  The family was willing to listen to us, but said they are catholic and always will be, so we probably won't end up teaching them. Probably just talk to them a little if we walk by again :). 

This week, we had a kinda crazy experience!  We were studying one morning, and heard someone calling at the door.  We went to answer, and it was two jehovah's witness missionaries!  Apparently one of our members referred them to us :).  they asked if they could share with us, so we grabbed a book of mormon and some pamphlets and sat down on our porch with them.  They taught us a little about how the devil is real, and we need to be careful because the world is becoming more and more wicked.  They gave us some of their pamphlets.  Then we asked if we could share a little, and taught our usually first lesson about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and the gospel blesses families.  A little bit of a difference than their message :).  We introduced the book of mormon, and they stood up to leave.  we tried to give them one of our pamphlets, but she would NOT take it.  So I snuck one of ours into the middle of theirs, and gave them back :).  Haha :).  We watched them out the window as they were walking away, and they stopped right outside our gate and found it!  Haha they didn't come back though :).   So hopefully one of them will read it! :)

Another favorite part of this week was the bus ride home from district conference.  I sat next to R--, a sister who has her mission call to SALT LAKE!!! How cool is that! She is gonna be an awesome missionary, and i am so excited for her.  She always wants to practice her english too, so that is fun :).  I told her I'm gonna come find her when I'm back in utah!

Sorry for the scattered email :).  Haha it really has been a great week!  Time is flying though, I can't even believe it.  I am honestly LOVING it though.  So much!  Being a missionary is the best  :).  Thank you all for your examples, keep it up!  Love you :)

Sister Mortensen

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