Monday, November 3, 2014

She Said That When She Reads, She Feels The Spirit Every Time

Hey family! 

It's great to hear from you, of course!  Sounds like you had a great...spring break? Haha i'm guessing you meant fall break :). Thats great that brayden's was the same time too, so you could all hang out together.  And Jaxsen, you are gonna have an awesome scar it looks like! Haha! You should make up a cool story about it :).  Haha sounds like Brayden has got the beard thing figured out!  (But I would also like to contribute to the funds to buy him razors... haha!) Your pumpkins are awesome!!  I showed my zl, and he says ali has got some skills :).  They don't really celebrate Halloween here, but they have All Souls Day the day after, to remember their dead.  Kinda different. The ward has changed a bunch it sounds like!  Thats fun you're getting so many new families.  And mom!  You're definitely inspired!!  We randomly picked a talk to listen to yesterday, and it was the one you shared today.  That is a great talk.  Thank you :).

Haha, so sorry we write at a different time each week. We are in sogod this week again, at an internet cafe.  There is a couple of them here, we're at one of the better ones today, but its farther away.  A camera that can email pictures wouldn't work, no wifi here :).  It's all good.  I'll keep trying to send some!  As for a package.... I can't think of anything :) 

We were able to go back and see some of our new investigators this week!  A lot of them aren't really interested, they just wanted to talk before and are friendly I think :).  It's hard to tell sometimes if people are interested in learning from you, or they're just being nice :).  There is two families though that are WONDERFUL, F-- and C-- and their families.  They are neighbors, and we usually teach them together.  They are doing so well!  C-- reads the Book of Mormon, and said she WANTS reading assignments to help her know what to read.  She said that when she reads, she feels the spirit every time! And then we she stops, she doesn't feel it anymore.  Ah! They are so good to teach.  Another day we were teaching S--, a 76 year old lady who is very catholic, haha.  Our second lesson with her, she had a couple of her church friends there too so we talked to all of them.  And she's friends with F--, so she was there too!  This was after we had taught F-- the first lesson too :).  As we were teaching the first lesson, the church friends had a bunch of questions, and F-- and S-- were answering all of their questions!  This was after only one lesson with each of them!  Most of the time, the people we teach have a hard time remembering, but they remembered and were answering everyones questions!  Ah.  It's amazing.  And it is definitely the Lord's work.  The typhoon did help prepare a lot of people for the gospel, but not really in our area.  It didn't hit here very hard.  The people here are still pretty set in their ways and are ok with the church they have and don't really want to listen to us.  We do a lot of just talking to people and trying to find those who are ready to learn.  People like F-- and C-- :).  We are doing a lot of planting seeds here :).  It is getting easier to approach people and just talk.  The other day on a bus on the was home I had a pretty long conversation with the lady next to me in cebuano :).  Haha it went pretty well!  All until right at the end, when she was about to get off.  She was trying to ask me something, and I could NOT understand any of it.  Usually I can catch a word or two and know what they're asking, but nope! Not that time!  Haha she finally just smiled and I just laughed.  And then she got off the bus.  Haha so its getting better, not quite there yet though :).

Thank you so much for your prayers :).  I pray for you many times a day as well! And I know the Lord is answering our prayers!  Love you!!

Sister Mortensen

Thank you Sister Kaula-Santiago for the pictures!
FHE/Birthday Celebration in Hinunangan

PEF Graduation

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