Monday, November 10, 2014

I See Over And Over That The Lord Really Is Preparing People For Us


Ok yes, I love your idea about Christmas for the branch! I think ties is a great idea!! That would be so fun to give ties to our members to go with their new white shirts :). For sisters, if you could maybe find a couple skirts, that would be great :).  Sometimes people don't have church clothes, and are a little nervous about coming to church without a skirt.  Other than that, I can't think of anything right now that we could give sisters and kids, but I will think about it more this week.  Thank you so much!! That is a perfect idea!  I really don't need any more clothes, laba already takes me long enough :). haha thank you though :)  This transfer ends december 4th, and we are guessing that sister kalua-santiago is going to transfer :(. she will have been here 6 months by then.  I could go as well, actually.  They might switch Hinunangan to elders sometime soon.  I kinda wish we both could stay here for christmas though!! I'ts gonna be sad to leave.

Haha yes, my blonde hair definitely makes me stand out.  A lot!  one sunday in relief society my comp was sitting behind me talking to a lady who said she wanted to chop off my hair and make a wig :). Haha! They were cracking up! But usually, people just always are looking at us.  Which is great, since I LOVE being the center of attention, so much :).  Haha.  But it is good, that everyone will talk to us all the time.  And they remember us too.  A lot of the people we talk to say they've seen us around before.  I really look tan? I feel whiter than ever here! Huh :).   yeah I am starting to get used to the weather, kinda.  It's still hot!  But it's not nearly as bad as it was :).  apparently it takes some time, but eventually I'll start feelling COLD at night sometimes :).  Haha or atleast thats what all the missionaries say :).  But it hasn't happened yet haha :)  

I love the primary program!! We had ours here a couple weeks ago, and it was so fun:).  They sang that song too!  And I remember learning it when I was teaching primary back home too :).  wow, that feels like so long ago!  I miss them though, that was so fun! :) 

C-- is doing great still!  We can only teach her on weekends though, so that makes it a little tough.  She is still reading though, and feeling the spirit!  We were REALLY hoping that she would come to church yesterday, but not yet :(.  She is just shy I think.  Her friend F-- is super busy working, so we haven't been able to teach her for a while.  She still is very interested though, so we will find time to teach her!

The greatest miracle this week was the E-- Family!  There is this one road called Tangaad where we have been teaching a lot lately (we decided to rename it "mormon road!").  We walk up and down it most every day, and always say hello to everyone.  When we were walking home one time, a lady named R-- E-- stopped us and wanted to talk to us.  We talked for a while, and she said she wanted us to come and teach her family sometime!! So, of course, we said yes and set up an appointment with her.  The next day, we went to teach M--, an investigator, and R-- was there visiting her!  So we taught her the first lesson there with M-- :).  And M-- was so great during the lesson!  She remembered and helped R-- understand everything.  Which is great, since sometimes it's hard to tell if people are really understanding us.  Haha.  But M-- did, and now R-- does too!  Ah. The spirit was strong, it was great :). 

The next day, we went to teach R--'s family!  Only one of her daughters was there, L--, but she still wanted us to share :).  I'm excited to back and teach them again! They are a great little family.  M-- is awesome, too, I can't believe her!  She is still learning all the lessons, but comes to church every week, and is helping the E-- family, and brought another family we're teaching with her to church yesterday!  It's amazing to see the difference between people that are SO prepared, like M-- and the E-- family, and others who are not quite open to hearing the gospel yet.  I see over and over that the Lord really is preparing people for us.  It's true! This really is the Lord's work :).

This week we have splits, so I get to go to Bato again!  That will be fun :).  Both me and my comp are going there this time, since it takes so long to travel there.  I'm excited though!  We go there tomorrow after zone training, and then will come home wednesday.  Can't wait!

Well, I better go, but it was great to hear from you! Keep up the good stuff :) haha I love you all so much!!! 

Love, Sister Mortensen

ps. I love the words of wisdom and the pictures!!!! haha you guys are crazy :)
Also, I really hope these emails make sense! haha sometimes they're a little all over the place, haha sorry :)

Yeah!!!!  Bri sent pictures!

Sister Kalua-Santiago and Sister Mortensen

PEF Graduation. (Perpetual Education Fund graduation  exercises are held for carpenters who are building shelters following Typhoon Yolanda.  Graduates receive a government certification and a tool box from the LDS Church.)

PEF Graduation

PEF Graduation 

PEF Graduation

Riding on the bus in Hinunganan.  Everyone squishes on.  It is packed.  We had a seat though!

Cooking Dinner

Rambutans from the Delutas


Eating Jack Fruit

Christmas Trees and Smores in November?

Hinunangan Zone

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