Monday, November 17, 2014

She Said Her Goal Was To Get Baptized. I think We Can Help Her With That One!

Hello family!!  

It's been another wonderful week!  This sunday was especially exciting.  We had 6 of our investigators come to church!!  Everyone is pretty shy so its REALLY hard to get them to start coming.  We usually only have one  or two that come.  But this time, nanay B-- came for the first time, after teaching her for about two months!!  She came with a neighbor, and we were SO excited when we saw them walking up :).  She was worried about feeling like an "alien" at our church, since she hasn't been before.  But when she got here, she found out her cousin is a member and some of her friends!  She said she didn't feel out of place at all :). It's the same way I felt my first time going to church here!  Felt right at home.  How cool is our church :).  

We also picked up two sisters that we just began teaching, L-- and L--.  They loved church!  We talked about goals in sunday school, and L-- said her goal was to get baptized!!  Haha I think we can help her with that one. :)  They are super sweet girls though.  We are teaching them and their mom.

This week, we had splits with our stl's!!  We were all in Bato, since it's 4 hours away and it takes up almost 2 whole days if we swap areas.  It was really cool to be back in Bato, since I went there for splits last transfer. I was with Sister Monilar!  She is a great missionary, I really learned a lot from her.  She is very humble! She goes home soon, but was telling me how she still has a lot she needs to work on before she goes home.  Bato seems to be a really tough area, but she is still so optimistic and working so hard!  She is a great example :). We worked in the same area as I did before. Last time, with Sister Samayla, we OYM'd a new family and taught them the beginning of the first lesson.  This time, we went back, and taught them about the plan of salvation!  It was really cool to see and teach them again :).  We also visited with some other people I met before, and it was fun to catch up with them a little bit.  I also got to see sister Kaun, who was in my zone before, but transfered to bato!  We've missed her too :)  

Next week we have district conference in Sogod!  Our branch rents out a bus and everyone travels together saturday morning, and come back together sunday afternoon.  THere is a member there with a big empty apartement close to the church where everyone sleeps.  So everything is free for the members, they just get to come :).  Some of our investigators will hopefully come with us too!  That would be so great.  Ah. I really hope they do! They can get to know the members better and meet the whole district!  I'll be praying all week that they can come!

That is crazy it's been so cold lately! Haha enjoy it for me :).  Mom thats awesome your'e walking still :).  And you get to talk to Jill too!  Thats so fun! Josh! That's awesome you improved your score!! Two points is a lot for the ACT!!  Cool!  Have fun with those applications :).  And I am SO EXCITED for you to go on the tour and then your mission..... holy moly you are getting old!! When do you start your papers?  Special needs mutual sounds like it was a great experience.  I had some friends that did that in high school, and loved it too.  Keep it up :). Jaxsen, do you still dress up every sunday in your scuba gear and knight costume and stuff like that?? I was telling my companion abou that, she thinks you are hilarious :). And also, I still have your picture in my scriptures!  It's in the book of Acts, because it sounds like Jax :).  

Well. .  I love hearing everything thats' going on in your lives!  Sounds like you're all keeping busy :).   I love you all so much!! I pray for you alllll the time.  Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Mortensen

 Bri with Girls from Bato

Sister Monilar and Sister Mortensen - Going on Splits in Bato

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