Monday, June 22, 2015

One Way That's Been Working Well For Us Is Finding New Investigators Through Recent Converts

Hello Family,

first of all.......HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  to the best father in the world!  I love you so so much!  thank you always being there for me and being such a great example for me and all of us.  the quote mom shared reminds me of one i've heard before, something about how fathers are the example for their sons of how to be a father, and for their daughters in what to look for as a husband :).  We are the luckiest and most blessed kids in the world to have you and mom as our parents. :).  Love you!! and wish i got to call again... but there is some mail coming for you soon :).  

Josh!  i am so excited for you :).  you took spanish in high school diba?  did you want to learn a language? 5 weeks, thats so quick!  its gonna fly by!  i can't wait to hear from you about the tour :)  (Note from Bri's mom.  Josh got called to serve in the Washington Kennewick mission, spanish speaking, reporting to the Mexico MTC July 29th).

Ali you and ryah are just like i remember you!! haha love the picture :)

jaxsen congrats on your new calling. that is so exciting, you are going to be a wonderful leader :).  You were always great at watching out for everyone else.  I remember one day when you were really young, 1st grade ish, and were so upset and telling mom how there was some kids bullying another kid at school, and you stood up for him.  I know you're gonna be a great help for your quorum :).  plus you have some great brothers and father for examples!

brayden thats great you got to come up and spend some time with the family!! have you started your cna class?  and what kind of work are you hoping to get after that?  And what do you wanna do after college?  I think doctor diba..? haha sidenote.  i was looking at the pictures before i read mom's letter today and saw that it says right above "Brayden told us he is engaged."  haha! and i was confused  why that was the LAST thing she wrote....until i read the rest of the paragraph  :).  haha!  

The kayaks look like so much fun!!  Glad you're having a great time :). and love the hats!

C--'s baptism on saturday was so wonderful!!  Her husband got to baptize her, and then they both bore their testimonies after.  They are now starting to prepare for the temple :). They are such a cute little family and we are SO EXCITED for them!  It's not working to upload i'll try again next week :).  

Lately we have been finding some great new investigators!  one way thats been working well for us is finding new investigators through recent converts and gihapon other investigators!  A couple weeks ago, we were teaching J--, who was just baptized, and he said his friend E-- was interested too and wanted to join.  So the next day, we taught them both together, and E-- had so many great questions and was so interested!  After a couple lessons, we asked if we could meet his family, and started teaching at his house instead of J--'s.  His family wasn't too interested, but were very friendly and would listen in if they had time. E--'s cousin J-- also started joining all the lessons...and we started teaching at his house too.  His parents as well would listen in on the lessons as well :).  J-- and E-- have ANOTHER friend named J-- that we have taught a couple times, and just last night he invited us to his house to teach his family!!  It's been wonderful to see how people are being prepared to accept the gospel :).  E-- has been reading the BoM, attended two baptisms now, and is preparing to be baptized in two weeks!  J--, and J-- and his family are all progressing and were excited to keep teaching them :).  We are being blessed here in Tanauan!  I'm so grateful I've been assigned here for the past couple weeks and got to meet so many amazing people here :).  

I hope you all continue to enjoy your summer! I love you all so so much :)

LOVE, sister mortensen :)

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