Monday, June 8, 2015

I Have A Strong Testimony That There Is A Huge Power In The Book of Mormon


josh has his mission call!!! that is sooo exciting!  Even more exciting when we find out where he's going... :) .  But wow!  Can't wait :).  And also josh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I'm sure it was a wonderful day :)

Wow!  Congrats to kayli, I am SOOOO excited for her!   and everyone else serving!!!  Wow! so many great kids :).  haha.  I've been meaning to ask you if anyone had gotten calls, so thank you for letting me know :).  And also LOVE the pictures mom, thanks :).  I can't see the one about josh's call though....

Today I wanted to tell you about some of my studies this week :).  These past couple days I've been studying in 3 nephi where Christ appears to the nephites and wow... I love it so much!  especially 3 nephi 11:14-17.  It's amazing to think what it would have been like to be there. To go up one by one and see His hands and feet and KNOW that it's Him.  But even though we haven't seen Him yet, we can still know of a surety that He lives! And one day, we too will have that opportunity to see Him. How amazing that is going to be!  I can't wait :).  We shared these verses with the C-- family yesterday, who are less active.  They really felt the spirit when reading these verses, and T--, the father, who hasn't read the Book of Mormon for quite a while now, sat and was reading through the rest of the chapter when we left :).  They seem to be SO CLOSE coming back to church.  Their faith and testimonies are strong... there just seems to be something keeping them from coming to church.  We're still working to figure out what :).  But I have a strong testimony that there is a HUGE power in the Book of Mormon! I LOVE studying it and sharing from it every day :). 

One investigator we are teaching is C-- C--!  Her husband is a member, and so she's been coming to church for a long time now with him, but hasn't been baptized.  But they are such a WONDERFUL little family :).  She has  a strong testimony, and wants to be baptized as soon as possible so they can be sealed in the temple :).  It's people like this family that are going to help build and strengthen the church here.  They don't have much, but are doing EVERYTHING they can to save up and prepare now so that they can go to the temple when the time comes :).  We are SO excited for them!!

Ah I wish I could tell you about some more people BUT it's time to go :).  I love you all so much!! Keep praying, keeping studying the bom, and keep being so wonderful :)  Talk to you soon!

Sister Mortensen

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