Monday, June 1, 2015

One Thing That I've Loved Lately About This Area Is That We've Been Able To Teach Quite A Few Families

Hello Family,

Ah love all the pictures!  I'm loading some now for you guys too :)

Ah thats too bad that josh's mission call didn't come yet.   My guess for josh is......south africa! or south dakota! haha ambut :).   good luck mom with waiting!  (Note from Bri's mom:  Josh left today for a 3 week Church History Tour.  His mission call should be here at the end of this week, but he won't be back in town til June 20th!  Yes...we will be patiently waiting for the 20th).  josh i am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!   for your mission especially, and the church history tour gihap.  haha!   write lots in your journal ha :) 

J--'s baptism was great!!  his friend E-- who we just started teaching as well came :).  They were both so excited.  J-- is super shy BUT he shared his testimony!  It was so great :).  His family is kinda active. They are really busy they say.  We're still working on that :).  The C-- we were able to visit this week, and brother was there too!  They both have strong testimonies, but we haven't yet figured out why they aren't coming to church.  Their daughter did come to church yesterday though :).  The V--'s haven't been able to come to church lately, but still doing great with reading and praying.  The A--'s, we taught the rest of the message of the restoration, but they still don't quite understand it yet :).  We'll probably review that with them next this week again.  They weren't able to come to church since sister was sick... she is the only one that can work for the family so she has to be careful and just rest right now.  

We also found a new investigator family this week :). Some members oym'd their pedicab driver while they were going to visit some recent converts, and invited him to be taught by us.  We went to find him last saturday, and his wife and 2 daughters were home and waiting for us!  They were SUPER receptive and we are so excited for them :).  Bahh I love being a missionary :)

One thing that I've loved lately about this area is that we've been able to teach quite a few FAMILIES!  You guys are my proof of the HUGE blessing the gospel is for families :).  so thank you all so much!  I can't tell you how many times i share experiences of growing up in such a wonderful family :).  I'm so grateful for the knowledge that our families are forever!

I hope you all have a wonderful week :).  I love you all sooooo much!  take care! :)

Sis Mortensen

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