Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Christ Shouldn't Just Be A Part Of Our Lives, He Should Be The Center Of Our Lives

Wow mom and dad, you guys are growing up!  no kids at home.  haha!  what a strange week.  I loved hearing about the experiences of all the kids this week.  Jax sounds like scout camp was so fun!! and wow, sounds like you were GREAT at shooting :).  Haha I guess alll the times we've gone with the family have paid off!  great job! I'm so glad you had such a great time!  Brayden sounds like you're doing great as well!  that is exciting you'll start getting some good experience.  and i can't wait to hear your new songs! i've missed hearing you play and sing.  haha goodness you're talented :). Ali you went to AFY!  See i told you so!  They are very different, but i definitely liked it more than just efy. The faith walk was also my favorite.  And josh, what an amazing experience at the temple.  I'm so glad you're having a great time on the tour :)

Today I wanted to tell you about this WONDERFUL family we have been working with.  Brother J-- C-- has been a member since he was young, but went inactive as a teenager.  He met sister C-- and they started living together.  Eventually J-- said he realized that they needed to come to church. He and C-- started coming every Sunday and living the commandments.  Sister wanted to be baptized, but they weren't married yet.  They saved up and were finally married last March.  But C-- still wasn't baptized yet, even though she had been taught my many many missionaries and had a strong testimony.  Missionaries kept being transferred and leaving no teaching records, and they moved from Palo to here in Tanauan.  When we met sister C-- a couple weeks ago she said she was hoping this would be the last time she would be taught the lessons, so she could be baptized and go to the temple!  She has such a strong testimony and a STRONG desire to be sealed to her husband and two kids.  She is going to be baptized this Saturday! and says they are already saving up to be able to go to the temple :).  We are so excited for them and grateful for their desires to live the gospel.  They are going to be a great strength for the ward and a great example for all the youth and families to goal for the temple :).

This week I have been thinking about something related to you quote, mom.  How Christ shouldn’t just be a part of our lives, but He should be the CENTER of our lives. Everything we do and every decision we make should be influenced by Him :).  I'm so grateful to be here and learning from so many wonderful people how to do that.  I've been lucky enough to meet some of the most faithful, Christlike members, and am so grateful for them :).  I know that all our happiness and all our peace comes from following our Savior.  All we need to do is come unto Him :).

Thank you sooo much for the package!!!  It was perfect! Haha you guys definitely know my favorites.  Also thank you to the relief society for the birthday card they sent!  and also for Josh's graduation announcement!  He looks just like dad and grandpa :)  Also.  did josh take a language i high school? did he want to learn a language...?  I realize i should have asked these questions before guessing :).  also.  how many generations has our family been in the church?  a couple people have asked and I'm not sure.  sorry for the random questions :).  I LOVE you all so much and are so grateful for each one of you :).  can't wait to hear from you next week!  

Love, Sister Mortensen

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