Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Is So Cool To See The Spirit Helping The Branch Missionaries As Well

Hello family,

OH MY GOODNESS you guys are hilarious!! Haha i loved the letter so much! haha i just laughed for about 5 minutes straight reading it. That quote was great but i think its wrong...most families are like fudge, but ours is just a bag of nuts! :)

Today has been a wonderful day! we went to a farm and played capture the flag! It was so cool! there were ponds all over and little paths going all around, and surrounded by rice fields.  Ah. It was so pretty!  They made us lunch too, and it was SO good :). Thats one of the many many things i love about being a missionary, is getting to know other missionaries! They're all great:).  I am TIRED today though! But its all good, ill be ready for work tomorrow :).

this week has been great! we got to work with the branch missionaries again this week, and it is soo helpful.  the people we are teaching relate better to the people who live here with them.  Also, it is so cool to see the spirit helping the branch missionaries as well.  The ones we have been working with lately are younger and havent been on missions, so they don't really know the lessons or anything.  They are pretty nervous sometimes, but during the lessons, they are always SO good! They just always seem to know what to say and how to help the people we teach! I love it :).

I finally got to try balut!  And it was pretty good! haha i dont know why people make such a big deal about it. but mine was still pretty young, no feathers or bones haha, so that might make a difference... It pretty much just tasted like a normal egg though haha.  also i had jackfruit for the first time! it is HUGE and is really good!

Yesterday we got to talk in church again!  We speak every second sunday.  Since conference was last week we thought we wouldn't speak this month, but we did! and we found out when they announced it... ahh!! so we only had while they passed the sacrament to prepare, which is quick since the branch is small.  Haha. it was pretty scary, but it went alright!  I think they understood some of it :).  I spoke about the joys of missionary work and how they can be missionaries too.  This work is the best! :)

These people's lives over here are so much different than ours.  Life is hard over here. I have always know i've been very blessed in my life, but i definitely have not really just how blessed i really am. These people are still so happy though! they are amazing. i'm grateful to be living here among them.  count your blessings :)

Goodness I love you all :).  I'm glad you got to spend some time together at the cabin, it sounds like it was a lot of fun!  I can't wait to hear from you again next week!

Love, sister Mortensen 

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