Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Am So Grateful For The Gospel and For This Chance I Have To Give Back A Little

Hey family! 

It sounds like you're all doing great! Soccer sounds as busy as ever, i'm sure thats so fun!  And ali, it sounds like your pretty much recovered from mono! i'm so glad!!  And you got to hike timp finally too!  It really is beautiful up there, i love it.  We'll have to all hike it again when i get back! Jax, thats pretty awesome you finished a 50 mile bike ride, and even right after your soccer game!  Holy moly! How's school going for all of you? I'm sure you're all loving it SO much :). 

So, one of the best things this week was we got to watch conference!! Saturday morning our branch president texted us and said he had the dvds, and we were going to watch it that afternoon and the next day!  We had some lessons we had to reschedule which was kinda a bummer, but it's all good i think.  And we got to watch conference!!  Since it was such short notice, we didn't really get to invite any investigators to conference, so that was kinda a bummer.  We texted everyone we could, but only a couple made it.  It was such a great conference though!!  I think elder Bednar's talk about why we shared the gospel was my favorite.  I also loved Jorg's (haha i can't remember his last name) talk about how to be confident in the Lord's presence.  And also both of President Uchtdorf's talks.  Especially the "Lord, is it I?" one.  Wow.  Thats something I really needed.  I LOVE CONFERENCE haha.  It's the best.

Other than that, the rest of the week was pretty great as well! The b--'s are doing pretty well! They have been really busy so we only got to visit them once this week, on sunday.  They read a little but are still just really busy.  Just one verse a day is what we keep telling them!  We talked to them kinda about what elder bednar talked about in conference.  We talked about how the gospel had blessed our lives SO MUCH, and that we were there to give them some of that joy.  We just want to help them know for themselves! The spirit was strong, and i just hope they can recognize it and feel that it's true! 

The d--'s are as great as ever :).  We took some branch missionaries with us, g-- and m--, and taught about the atonement.  They know it's true, and have SO much faith.  It's amazing to see.  I love them!

We also went with g-- and m-- to see a new investigator we just found named c--.  One day when we were walking to teach the b--'s, it was POURING and we walked some kids home from school under our umbrellas.  One of them was C--'s son, and we stopped and talked to her and set a time to come back and teach! So this was our second time teaching her.  She is doing great!  She got along really well with g-- and m-- and was asking about coming to church with them!  Members are so important, especially for us since we have a hard time understanding sometimes.  The people we teach need friends in the church! Luckily our branch missionaries are pretty great at helping us :).

Mom I love that song! (I Will by Hillary Week).   I remember it from before, and it is so good  :). We can only listen to hymns, but it is a great one for sure :).  Sounds like it was a really great night!

 I am realizing now even more than ever how very blessed I am.  I am SO grateful for all the amazing people I have met in my life, and for the gospel, and for this chance I have to give back a little. I love you so much!

Sis Mortensen

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