Monday, September 29, 2014

One Of My Favorite Parts Of The Lesson Is When People Understand That They Can Actually Talk To Their Heavenly Father


Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me this week! I
love hearing about what is going on in all your lives! I know you are
SO busy with everything going on, so I really appreciate it :).  And
I'm sure mom does too, it sounds like she has been very busy with the
wedding.  That is so exciting that Spencer and Heather got married!! 
And that so much of the family got to be together!  Grandma and grandpa
too!! I'm sure that was great to see them and talk to them before they 
head back to Poland.  Ah. Our family is the best haha.

Brayden has a beard!!! Haha what?? I wasn't expecting that :). How's
school going? Haha remember anything from before your mission?!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts from the odgen temple dedication.  I
just was reading about the manner of happiness a couple weeks ago, and
it's true--following the prophets will bring us happiness.  Living the
gospel and following the prophets is the only thing that will bring us
true and lasting happiness.  And they are going to speak to us this
weekend! We won't get it until the next weekend though.  But still, I
am SO excited!

Last week we started teaching the B-- family.  They live behind a
part member family, and the mom brought us back to teach them one day
when we stopped by.  We sat down with N-- (the mom) and T-- and
taught them the beginning of the first lesson, and they were actually
pretty interested!   A lot of people here will listen to you (just
because they're nice) but arent' really interested.  But N-- and
T-- were really paying attention and asking questions and trying to
understand!  We taught them how to pray, and T-- said a beautiful
closing prayer.  That's been one of my favorite parts of lessons, is
when people understand that they can actually talk to their Heavenly
Father and say their first prayer :). We went back again, and this
time two of N--'s boys, R-- and B--, came and sat down with us
too!  We started again from the beginning, and T-- and N--
remembered everything we had taught them :).  We went through the rest
of the first lesson, and the spirit was so strong!  You could see all
of them trying to understand what they were feeling and what we were
teaching them. :)  We invited them to be baptized, and R--
immediately said yes! You could tell the spirit was working hard on
him :). N-- and R-- said that they would try but weren't sure.
T-- says she loves to hear from us and believes it is true, but
since her mom is super active active in the catholic church, she was
pretty hesitant about being baptized. R-- then seemed to be a bit
more hesitant about his answer after all his family weren't so sure,
and said he would try as well.  They are all so close!! They just need
to sincerely pray to know that it's true, and I KNOW they'll recieve
an answer.  It's just hard to help people see how much the gospel will
bless their life! If only they knew what they were missing :). We're
trying to help them see! R-- said a beautiful closing prayer this
time :). We gave them a book of mormon, and R-- and B-- were
looking at it as we were walking away :).

Well I wish I could tell you more! There is so much more to tell haha.
But it is GREAT.  It's hard work and there's SO much to learn, but I'm
loving it :).  Thank you all and know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :).

Love, Sis Mortensen

p.s. pictures don't work again :(.  Pres and Sis Maurer came to our
area this weekend to work with us so there might be a picture on
facebook :)

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