Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Have Never Prayed As Much Or As Sincerely Before In My Life

Hey everyone! 

I bet you aren't expecting to hear from me today!  Haha we have an extra mini p-day today to get ready to leave in the morning.  So I get to email you one last time before we go :). Thank you so much for the packages!! I just picked them up this morning so we haven't ate the brownies yet, but they smell wonderful :). And the shirt and the snacks are perfect, thank you so much! You guys are the best :).

As far as feeling ready, I actually think I am going to be ok with cebuano.  There still is SO MUCH to learn and I'm no where near even being partially fluent, but I think I won't be completely lost.  Haha we'll see what I say by next week though.  But one of our teachers said only like 30% of the mission is cebuano, and the rest is mostly waray-waray, so there's a pretty good chance I'll end up in a waray area first! Yesterday we had an hour class to learn a little waray, and it sounds so cool! Waray has pretty much the same grammar and kinda the same verb conjugations, but a lot of the vocab is different.  It was pretty cool to learn a little of a new language through cebuano though! Now I know kinda how Sister Chu feels, learning cebuano through her second language.  She is amazing haha.  I am so excited I get to learn waray though!  But I'm still hoping for cebuano for my first area:).  Yesterday we watched a video from when our teacher went back to Tacloban for a month this summer to help rebuild.  It made me SO excited to go!!  The people are so happy and optimistic and just so humble.  All they need now is the gospel :).

I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow morning, it has FLOWN by.  One of the biggest things I've learned here is that the Lord is very involved in His work.  I can't tell you how many times I've felt His help as I've been trying to learn the language and learn how to be the best missionary I can.  I've never prayed as much or as sincerely before in my life, and I know the Lord will always answer our prayers.  He is preparing people all over the world to be ready to hear the gospel.  A speaker at one of the devotionals a few weeks ago had everyone stand up who was a convert, and who didn't know God before they joined the church.  He then picked two and had them go up and share their conversion stories.  And oh my goodness, they were amazing.  They both had crazy stories where everything happened so perfectly that you wouldn't believe it if you didn't know God was behind it all.  God is watching over every single one of His children, and is actively involved in all of our lives.  I really do need to be better at seeing the miracles in my life, especially while I'm on a mission, because I know they're there.  I love my Father in Heaven, and am so grateful for all He has blessed me with.  

I love you all so much too, and I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow!!  

Love, Sis Mortensen

Pictures From The MTC

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