Friday, August 22, 2014

I Know That I Am Doing Exactly What The Lord Wants Me To Do With My Life Right Now

Dear Family,

Thank you sooo much for the doughnuts!! I think my district loves you almost as much as I do right now! :) And the shirts are perfect, the large is just fine, and I probably won't need another one.  Thanks for getting those for me so quick!  And I have thought about a scripture for the mission plaque thing, but haven't been able to pick just one yet :). I'll try to for next week! I cant wait to see the family pictures!

Haha sorry dad that I'm not there to help you with math :). is a super great website :).

For the camera that would be super nice, but we're not really supposed to have anything that can connect to the internet.  But if you can just send pictures it might be ok?  And also I'm not sure if there's wifi to use in the philippines?  I don't know for sure. 

Sounds like life is going great for you guys!! That is super exciting that school is starting again.  I cant believe jaxsen is in jr high! And ali's in high school and josh is a senior.  Haha wow.  Ali, lunch gets better once they start doing flex and only half of you get to go to lunch early.  Haha it was packed when I was there, I can't imagine how bad it is now!  Thats good to here that ali is starting to feel a bit better.  Hopefully she can play soccer soon!  And brayden is down at school again! Good luck down there! Don't get married TOO quick :).

Thats so fun that dad and josh both have hiked timp.  I remember when the three of us went, that was soo fun.  And so pretty too, I loved it.  It sounds like dad's team is probably going to win the competition!

My week has been wonderful!  We started teaching each other (acting as investigators) this week, instead of our teachers.  It has gone pretty great! It actually seems a lot easier since you all know about the same amount of cebuano, so we can actually understand when they ask a question or something.  So I've really liked it :)  We also got to teach a member in the philippines over skype! It was amazing!  We taught about how we can recieve revelation through the book of mormon.  And we actually understood some of what she was saying!  Wow.  I love cebuano, even though it is a bit frustrating :). This week we learned how to sing head, shoulders, knees and toes in cebuano! Haha we play that or another game called andam, kits when we have a break from studying.  

Last sunday we had Jenny Oaks Baker, the daughter of Dallin H Oaks, speak to us for the devotional.  She also played the violin for us, and she is AMAZING.  It kinda makes me wish I had learned the viola better haha.  She spoke about all the lessons she had learned from music, since it has always been such a big part of her life.  One thing she said was that you know you're doing exactly what the Lord wants you to do with your life right.  And I do know that! Even though it did take me a long time to decide to serve, I KNOW this is what I'm supposed to do right now :).  I hope I can always say that I'm doing what the Lord wants! And then Sis Baker played "I'll go where you want me to go," and it was beautiful, of course haha :).

Well I better get going, but I'll send some pictures in a minute! I miss you and love you guys soo much!!  

Love, Sis Mortensen

My District

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