Monday, January 4, 2016

We Had A Branch Fast And People I Have Never Seen Before Came To Church. It Was A Miracle!


wow sounds like you guys have had a wonderful week!  i always loved the week after christmas where you just get to spend time with the family!  so fun :) thank you for the pictures too!  i'm sending a couple... finally. haha. 

this has been a wonderful week!  things are kinda sorta getting back to normal.  which is good :).  power and water are back to normal now, and it is wonderful :).   a lot of people are still busy from after the bagyo, but we have been able to start teaching more again. we have a lot of work to do in our area though and LOTS of FINDING to do!  as much as i love the holidays, its nice they're over now and we can have more time to just work :)  just yesterday one area of ours got power now!  so we can work there at night.  but a lot of it still is not yet.  so we can start working at night now again :).  this weekend again we had our branch fast and people that i have never seen before came to church!!  it was a miracle, and everyone was so excited, it was so fun to see :).  One family we taught right after church, and they can't remember the last time they came to church.  They live far away, about 7 km and it's only accessible by motorcycle, which we can't ride, or walking.  we said we would try to come visit them sometime, but they said not to, they want to come to church and will just see us here on sunday :).  haha perfect.  

but wow i can't believe you got my travel papers! yeah i have not got them yet, buts thats ok i'll just wait :).  Sis Hansen, a couple missionary who organizes all that, did call just earlier and asked if i wanted to go to the TEMPLE on the way home!!! yes, of course :).  i guess i'll arrive in manila in the afternoon and will stay in a hotel and fly out the next morning.  i'll be on my own :( but they'll drop me off at the temple :).  i am soooo excited :).  dad, thank you for the letter :).  it's fine to speak that sunday, thanks for the heads up :).  i'll start thinking. haha mom you just plan whatever to eat, i have no idea :).  and i'll just wait a little to get my haircut, it's fine :).  you really do think of everything! always :)

The new year came quicker than I expected and I haven't decided all of the goals I want to set, but I wanted to share a couple so far... Work harder than ever this last month! help my companion be ready and confident in leading the area. be simply obedient. going home, continue personal study and prayer every day. ask my parents and leaders OFTEN for advice. and follow it :). get a job and be ready to start school again in the fall. keep finding ways to apply what i'm learning here on the mission to life back home. magnify a new calling!  plus more to come soon :)

This week I got to work with Sister Pui on exchanges! It was fun to be back with her after living in the same apartment 3 cycles in Biliran. She is one of the best missionaries i know and has such a good understanding of how the gospel works in our lives. She has been through a LOT in her life, and has a lot of wisdom to share haha :). Its so fun to be able to catch up again with missionaries :)  and in a month i'll be catching up with all of you!  but till then, just know that i LOVE YOU!  and am praying for you always.  hope you have another wonderful week!!!

Sister Mortensen

Pictures from our District Activity

Sister Mortensen with her District.
Sister Russon and Sister Mortensen at the top overlooking Allen, with some
 random little kid who decided to hike the whole way with them!
Sister Mortensen and her family in the mission.  Her shirt represents her nanay.  She was there in spirit.
Riding home in the back of a truck.  We were lucky it came by and we didn't have to walk the 8 km back.
By the way Filipinos are CRAZY drivers and drive the same whether there's people in the back or not!
Some of my favorite people, the G-family.
Sister Mortensen with the G--family

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