Monday, January 18, 2016

My Mission Has Been Far From Perfect, But I Can Say That I Did The Best I Was Able To Do At The Time

Hello everyone!!!

It's great to hear from all of you! dad we're closer than we've been in a long time!!  same time zone i think?  maybe? welcome to this side of the world :). (Brad is in Singapore on a business trip). but yes.  i can hardly believe another week has gone by.... and only one more to go!  oh goodness!  i will mostly likely be able to email next week, but it might just be quick.  not sure yet.  Sunday will be my last day in allen :(.  after church we will travel to allen, and then that night or early monday morning we will travel to tacloban!  and then over the next couple of days, we have interviews and meetings and i'm not sure what else :).  and then wednesday morning, fly out!  crazy crazy. mixed feelings for sure :)

thank you so so so much mom for the talk you sent:). as the end of my mission has been approaching, much faster than i expected, i kept feeling that there was so much more i wish i could have done, so much i wish i had learned faster or done better.  i kept thinking how if i could just stay 6 months longer, like the elders, i could maybe just do that much more.  but lately, as in just yesterday haha, i've been starting to feel that it really is time to go home. as much as i am going to miss it, more than i can describe, it's time na haha.  my mission has been far far from perfect, but i can say that i did the best i was able to do at the time. it reminds me of how parents (haha my parents..) are so proud of anything their kids do, not because it's amazing or anything haha but just because it's their kids.  i think that's maybe how our heavenly father feels about all of his children. i just wish i could have done more! i wish i had known then what i do now, and more than that, so that i could have been a more capable instrument in his hands.   but i know that it's being here and serving a mission that has made me who i am na.   now it's just another transfer to another area, and we still just continue to follow the Lord and serve Him and everyone the best we can.  more opportunities to learn and to grow and to overcome my weakness and just become a better disciple of Christ. and one day, serve a couple mission! :) maybe hopefully by then i'll be as strong and as amazing as the other couples that serve, especially my grandparents, and those couples i've met serving here in tacloban.  i am so so so beyond grateful that i was able to come and serve the people here, and can only pray that i have helped the people here anywhere near as much as it has helped me.  it reminds me of king benjamin's address, that however much we are able to serve and give back, we are still unprofitable servants. but we can keep trying :).  and the Lord is pleased if we do everything we can :). it's amazing how understanding and merciful our Father is for us!  how blessed are we :)

i love you so so much!  i hope you all know that :).  josh, it is going to be so weird to be back home, but you're gone now... but like mom always says, you're right where you need to be :).  And you're so lucky!  thank you for your example and your diligence.  i'm praying for you, and all the family, always :).  take care!


Sister Mortensen

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